a hundred reasons why

I saw a blog today that made me laugh. It started by saying “read by tens of people every day!” I don’t know if I can claim that great a number yet, but it brought to mind something that McDonald’s put on their signature golden arches back in 1973. It said, “over twelve billion sold.” It’s my temptation to comment on that faulty marketing strategy, but I will resist. I don’t know if you even remember that obscure factoid, but I do because it was the year McDonald’s came to Conroe, a most significant event in a teenager’s life! Then, I tasted the thing and don’t think I ate there again until Greg was born. Mom’s were definitely better. All of this rambling to say that I don’t know who’s reading this, but since last week I told you I was celebrating, I realized I didn’t tell you why. Here’s my short list:

1. My son is now officially a pilot—his dream career (as of last Friday.) Go Greg! I am so proud of you, and am so thankful you figured out your life’s calling. It definitely fits your adventurous, intelligent, and caring personality. You will make some airline very proud to have you on their team, and your mom even prouder, if there is such a thing.

2. Lauren’s good dr. appointment last week. She will be graduating in December with a double degree in Environmental Science and Geography, then has plans to go on to grad school, possibly to Oxford.

3. My mother’s estate officially was wrapped up last week, except some minor details that will all be over by the end of the summer, after over a decade of difficulties.

4. I found out that all the kids will be home for a good portion of the month of July. Since they are all so entrenched in their education right now, that is no small feat. We haven’t all had an extended time together since last Christmas.

5. Lindsay’s great weekend to Ft. Worth, and her hard work paying off in a degree of Applied Mathematics–didn’t take after her mom on that one!

6. Bible study tomorrow night at my house—need I say more? I do want to comment on Loving Well, but I will do that soon, as this post is long enough for today.

And with eyes to see, I could add a hundred other things. And so, I smile again. Maybe I’ll go sing “one ton tomato” (Guantanamera) in the shower. Be blessed this day, and even more importantly, give God a little credit for it. That’s my plan.


1 thought on “a hundred reasons why

  1. You are so blessed ! So happy for you and all those precious kids. Go Greg !!!! Another pilot on the block …

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