tammy faye –icon for the forgiven

After a long battle with cancer, Tammy Faye Messner (March 7, 1942-July 20, 2007) has died. For many years she and her first husband, Jim Bakker, led the 700 club, the first television Christian talk show. It wasn’t Christianity’s finest hour. The power, fame and excesses all led to the downfall of the empire, and few people missed a chance to mock the Christian aspect of their ministry.
Through the years, the mascara queen endeared herself to me with her never faltering faith, her grace through the toughest times, and her joy amid many trials. No one could ever question the Rock from which she drew her strength. In her own words, she was “one tough, ol’ broad.” She later became known for her tolerance and loving attitude toward all–knowing perhaps as well as anyone could that we all mess up, and we all need forgiveness and love.
Her smile and testimony that no one could fall too far that the Lord could not pick her up out of the pit and redeem a life was encouragement for all of us. It also was a lesson for Christians to get to practice what we preach on forgiveness. She was sorry, she paid quite a price, and God saw fit to give her new joy and restore much. She endured a long and painful health battle, but today she has her greatest reward yet, the ultimate Healing. She simply believed and claimed her Lord who resurrected her life while she was living and ultimately granted her the reward of life everlasting. Happy Homegoing, Tammy Faye.


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