cinemas live on

What’s a movie without the popcorn and Coke? Half-price day at the movies, that’s what. Okay, if it wasn’t true, it might be funny. Predicted to be a sign of days gone by with the onset of the VCR and DVD age, movie going just gets bigger and bigger. More cinemas are being built and movie going is still a great way to spend an afternoon. Something about the whole theater experience that still commands an audience. When I am home, I never watch a whole movie through. I tend to get up and do something, and miss enough of it that it isn’t worth finishing. Few movies are great works of art, so most feel like a waste of time, if there is an alternative. However, when I sit at a movie theater, I am forced to stay the race and usually I am glad I did. Such was the case this weekend, when my daughter and I saw “Hairspray.” We love a good underdog wins story, and this was one of them. Though John Travolta drew a few laughs, he was the miscast of the movie. No other complaints though, and I loved the light hearted songs, Queen Latifah, and newcomer, Nikki Blonsky. All in all, an afternoon well spent with a little fun and a little substance with a subplot of integration, it was worth the movie price with popcorn.


1 thought on “cinemas live on

  1. My daughter saw the play and absolutely had to see the movie the day it came out. I thought John T. was miscast also. He did nothing for the character he played. Almost hurt it.

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