you can take the girl out of the city…

But you can’t take the city out of the girl…or the stupid, I suppose. Yesterday we went to our ranch, just the girls. We had a beautiful day and low humidity so we grabbed the opportunity and headed to the country. Lauren and I had lunch with Jen, then headed over to meet two of my best friends. We decided to be a little adventurous and go off-roading in my sweet friend’s just-washed luxury SUV! This is the same one that did animal rescue a month ago, so she is cool with the risks associated with taking a too nice truck where it rarely should go. It handled itself better than my Jeep, I have to say. We had tons of fun, despite all the rain we’ve had. So, D. charged ahead as soon as she figured out the path I was suggesting to get to the muddy road that would take us to the back forty cattle guard. C. sat in the back seat crossing herself and praying for us all, but settled into it somewhat, recently remembering what fun it was to get stuck. The problem came right up front though. We decided we’d lock up the road gate and exit at the back of the property that adjoins this tract, so we wouldn’t have to lock up both gates twice. I got out and rolled out the four digits on the lock the best I could vainly without my reading glasses, and got the rusty chain off the gate. Her truck rolled in, and I went to lock the gate, when my friend started honking to beat the band. I looked around to see if there’s a bull charging me or something, and decided she was just calling the donkey over. Suddenly, I realize she’s honking at me because I am locking the gate, but standing on the road side, so I was locking myself out, not in where I could go for the ride. Idiot that I am, I realized she was calling the donkey. I was just looking in the wrong direction.


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