our legacy, our responsibility: our children

Our kids are being sacrificed. I am back on my soapbox again this morning, so if you want to by-pass until a feel-good post shows, check back tomorrow. Today, I am venting. I am tired again. Tired of parents not stepping up to the plate and being grown ups. And our kids don’t stand a chance. “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” It doesn’t happen by accident. It requires active training. It also requires the most sacrificial, unconditional love humans can give. I am convinced the self-serving world we live in is the problem. Even parents are feeling like they deserve to be put ahead of their kids, and their self gratification wins. They leave their kids and pursue careers that don’t allow enough time for their children. They get tired of parenting and decide they don’t owe their kids their unconditional love, their attention, their guidance, and their time. It may not be a conscious decision but it happens when people get too wrapped up in themselves and forget what really is important.
It’s amazing kids are growing up at all, and some aren’t. Some are paralyzed in a state of self serving survival mode that is the direct result of parents not giving strong and loving guidance through the years. You only have to look as far as the self indulged Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Nicole Richey to see kids gone wild without any sense of responsibility for their bad behavior. In all fairness, I did see an interview with Nicole Richey that gives me some hope, but I’ll reserve that accolade for some time after she has proven herself back on track. Not sure what went wrong in their lives, and I haven’t walked in those shoes of too much too young, but good decisions come from good values. Good values generally come from level headed kids that feel a responsibility and have goals for their lives and for the world they live in. This doesn’t happen without a lot of work. Parents have to start young and be there for them. We have to know what our kids need, what they don’t, and not worry about being their best friend but be real parents to them—maybe longer than we think. I will always be a mom to my kids, even though they are grown. I can’t help it. It’s still my job. The job description has changed somewhat, but it still is part of what I do. At this point I have to trust that what we instilled in our children will be part of their lives, and trust that God did a good job with them through us. I have to believe in them that they will make the right choices and remember it is their lives, but be there when they need me or ask for advice. I have to trust that they are in good Hands and we have done our job, our part, and they are on the right track. I have to love them without restraint and let them know that they can’t go too far that we won’t be there for them. My grown kids are working toward professional careers, and I still spend a lot of time encouraging them to have balance in their lives, to save room for family. When it’s all said and done, our relationships are what matter. Hopefully, how well we have loved will have left its mark on the world and our legacy will be that the society that was entrusted to us to convey Christ’s unconditional love was not abandoned or misused. And should the Lord tarry, may the next generations do the same.


2 thoughts on “our legacy, our responsibility: our children

  1. Hi Annie’s eyes, I just came by your blog and found your interesting post on the duty of parents toward their children. Too many times parents have/make no time for their kids and have the TV or video games or something else baby-sit or engage their kids minds. No amount of money can help a child grow up socially, morally, spiritually strong in character. I guess thats what those celebrities missed out on, and I’d say thats a real big miss. What do we have now to model before our kids but to show them the life we have before our Living God, full of light and hope.That is THE ONLY WAY.
    Keep on sister. Good post.

  2. Annie’s Eyes, well said. You never no what’s on the other said though. Its generational stuff only Christ can break. I spoke at my middle school ministry last night. My senior pastor is at camp with 25 or 30 of the kids. Their in Michigan. So I only had 35 kids and their parents. He left me no instructions on what he wanted me to say soooooooooooo like typical for me(John Piper Style) I went foundations. I presented the gospel Bill Hybles style(Rom 3:23, Rom.6:23, John 3:3, John 14:6,/romans 10:9-11(verse 10 I call the transaction),II Corth 5:15(Must happen) Rev 3:20 and what does that say to you?)compleate with the bead braclets(Black sin, Red blood, Blue faith, White cleansed, Green growth, Yellow heaven pieces of lether they made them).And bought them Water resistant bibles with the path way I showed them marked inside. I prayed that God would get me out of the way and touch who He was going to touch. Wow, I not only had the privilege of giving kids the message but adults (parents were asking for bibles with it in it). I personally got to talk with a woman about Jesus. He puts covered dishes before us that the world knows not. “My point” is we assume they know because they show up at church every sunday, but if their life is not changed(IICorth 5:15) then the transaction in Rom 10:10 has not happened. When you catch the Holy Spirit(The Receiver), in your person, its like going from basic cable(100 channels, to DSL (800 channels)God is good all the time.

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