check the girls today

While watching Good Morning America this morning, I heard that Robin Roberts is undergoing breast cancer surgery as I write. As I pray for her, I can’t help but reflect on breast cancer, no stranger to me, losing my mother and grandmother to the disease, and having my twin sister diagnosed with it two years ago. She is doing great, cancer free and was back at full speed in just a few months, thank the Lord, but it presented an interesting challenge for me—in fact, it would be fascinating if it weren’t my life we were talking about.
After my sister was diagnosed, because we are identical twins (same DNA), my doctor told me I had a 95% chance of getting it within the next five years. He told me it was time to consider a prophylactic double mastectomy. It wasn’t as tough a decision as you might think, except I did not want to interfere with what God had planned for me. Since I was 31 years old, I have had many scares and close calls with suspicious bumps and spots on mammograms and needle biopsies and surgeries. I have had a wonderful team of doctors, including a breast cancer research specialist and breast surgeon, and reconstruction plastic surgeon at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. I prayed for His Will to be made abundantly clear, and within days, I had my answer. I realized they were doing mastectomies a little bit at a time anyway, and from this point on, they wouldn’t let one thing go. I remembered the old story about the man drowning who was approached by a man in a boat who said, “Get in. I’ll save you.” But the other man said, “No, I’m waiting on God to save me.” Then, a guy in a helicopter flew over and dropped a line and said, “Grab the line. I’ll save you.” But the man said, “No. God will save me.” Finally, the guy drowns, and he gets to heaven and asks, “Lord, why didn’t you save me?” The Lord smiles gently and says, “Who do you think was in the boat and the helicopter?” I realized God was throwing me a life line and I was supposed to grab hold. So, in November of 2005, I had a double mastectomy and reconstruction. It was more than I bargained for, let me tell you, but I fully believe it was God stopping the disease with this generation, as my sister and I have jointly prayed. After she was diagnosed, we prayed together that this curse would end with us, that our daughters and future generations in our family will not have to contend with this any longer. It has been such a test of faith and period of growth in my life that I still struggle putting words to what women go through with this disease, much of which I still don’t know firsthand. I must say it’s been one of the top three challenges in my life, and I haven’t even been diagnosed. But at the same time, it’s given me a perspective on life that makes me appreciate more, and be more in tune with others—particularly those going through the various aspects of this disease. Two of my closest friends are “watching” spots right now, and one is waiting on a good word from a biopsy hopefully today. I am praying for them, and I am praying for you as I write. If you haven’t done your monthly breast self exam, or recently had a mammogram or checkup, I urge you to do so. For a word from Ms. Roberts, click here. I am a full believer in resting in God on this, as well as doing our part without putting our heads in the sand. God will see us through. I am living testimony to this, as are hundreds of thousands of women. And if you have a minute today, pray for those going through breast cancer, for healing in whatever form it takes, and for freedom from fear and rest in His Arms.


3 thoughts on “check the girls today

  1. I have learned two new things about you in this post… one I did not know you had an Identical twin WOW- what is her name? Where does she live?And I would love to see a photo of the two of you!

    Secondly- I did not realize what you have gone through- it explains why you were so beautiful to me.. let me explain- corresponding with you via email, and reading your blog showed me your heart- which made me love who you were in Christ, but meeting your in person left such impression on my soul! You glow like NO ONE I have ever known with the radiance of the LORD! Now I can see why- I see how you have leaned on HIM, and he has delivered you! PRAISE THE LORD- thank you so much for sharing!
    Your friend

  2. Two things come to mind after reading your great post. Its a Beth quote called Nakedness of soul: that which is within us presses forth. And we as readers are blessed.
    Jehovah Hosenu my favorite name for God. “The Maker God”: He takes hurting, bruised individuals and makes them wonders. Truly wonders

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