saying our goodbyes

I started to title this post “What I Did Over Summer Vacation” but today it feels more relevant to focus on the goodbyes, the transitions, and the fresh starts. What a sweet week we have had, with the house teeming with life and good food, celebrations and now, goodbyes. I am so thankful to all be together when we can, and yet this was always the goal–our three children’s independence and success. So again, we say goodbye.

While they were home, I saw how much they’ve grown up emotionally– pitching in with dishes, keeping their rooms neat(er), and doing things for each other and for me. Chores that they used to have assigned are now more habits in their lives. I truly enjoy their company and if they weren’t family, I would want them to be friends of mine. Of course, it should be that way, but it isn’t always–again, I am thankful.

So, with the dog at my feet, and me at the computer, we settle in for a short rest, then another fall semester filled with activities for all of us. Frankly, Esther (the fall Bible study) can’t come soon enough. I will take the next two weeks to do some serious cleaning around here and maybe a little fall shopping therapy if I get my closet cleaned out.

Two days ago, we closed on the house that I grew up in. We were so blessed to have a buyer literally the first day I told our realtor I wanted her to list it. How good God is to close up this chapter in our lives with such gifts of an easy, sentimental goodbye and now a new beginning for another couple. Earlier, I promised some before and after pics, so I’ll end this post with a short pictorial accounting. Praising Him today for so many things.


2 thoughts on “saying our goodbyes

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I also enjoyed the pictures. I’m glad you had a special time with your children. I’m noticing differences in my teen. Just one more year and he will graduate high school. It happens so fast!

    Blessings in Christ!

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