the reading corner – august

Currently, on my bed table is a quick read by Priscilla Shirer called Discerning the Voice of God. I picked it up because I had heard what a great speaker she was and I love to listen to Tony Evans, her dad, on the radio. Who doesn’t want to know when we hear the still small Voice? Shirer, points out by example that throughout Scripture, we see how God reveals Himself. Though often unique in His delivery, He is always consistent in His Message. This book is reassuring that God still reveals Himself to His people and that His Voice isn’t that hard to recognize. His sheep know His voice.

For some reason, lately, I am often confused what God’s Will for a specific situation is, and I am not sure why except there are some hard issues out there that many of us face. I do believe in a clear-cut right and wrong, but lately, there are some gray areas that I can honestly say I am not sure. I bring these doubts to the Throne and wait. I ask God to reveal Himself and confirm it so that I can be sure. I wonder if, when it’s all said and done, I do know what He is telling me, but there is rebellion inside that won’t allow me to accept it. I have to ask the hard question of “Do I know what His desire is but just don’t like the answer?” My prayer is that God is revealing the right way to my friend who is facing these issues and maybe He just isn’t telling me His plan. I heard a friend once ask, (referring to someone trying to direct the future of her work and where God was leading) “And He would tell you and not me???” Though God may be consistent and even predictable in His ways, He is never boring. He has a specific and customized path for each one of us. Surely, the universe is safe without my knowing God’s plan for everyone out there, even for my dear friend.

As Shirer points out, it is important to recognize counterfeit voices. One of the best ways to know God is speaking and not a counterfeit voice is that God’s Word does not contradict itself, and God is consistent. He is the always the same—yesterday, today, and in a hundred or a thousand years. He won’t change just because times are changing for the church or for the world. He won’t change just because it is a new day. There is something terribly reassuring in knowing that though everything around me is in a continual state of flux, Christ remains true and constant—reliable and steady.

Heavenly Father, Thank you that You are the one Constant in our lives, that You do speak to us and guide us in our way. Though the path is dark, your Light reveals the Way. Though the path is treacherous and unpredictable, You walk with us and secure our footing. Though our eyes can become clouded and our hearts confused, You provide the Voice of calm in the storms of life. Help us to hear and discern Your Voice alone, and to follow obediently. Then, our foot will not slip, and our heart will remain in You. In Your Son’s eternal and steady Name we pray. Amen.


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