because nice matters

I could say I was surprised, but knowing who sent this to me, I am not at all. Shonda awarded me the Nice Matters award yesterday, and considering who it came from, it is just what I would expect from this sweet encourager. Her blog is filled with such honest and refreshing from-the-heart blog posts of her journey as a Christian wife and mom that I would nominate her right back if that were permissible. But from what I understand of the rules, you have to pay it forward.

So, now for the fun stuff: I get to tell you about some other great blogs that I have come to know and love. I read the same blogs that most of you do, such as Big Mama who puts a smile on my face almost every day and sometimes a tear in my eye as I read of her adventures of life with a darling four year old & sweet friendships, and I check in with Beth Moore to see what she is up to and watch that precious grandson of hers. But two bloggers, one commenter, and one website are my own award recipients for Nice Matters.

The first is the poignant writing of Kathy at Charleston YaYa. Her Friday the Thirteenth post had me in stitches and could win a stand up comedy award, proving truth is better than fiction. And yet her slice of life posts and the way she puts a face on the work that her husband does in Kenyan missions leaves tread marks on my heart.

The second, Jean’s A Mountain Too High wins hands down for her “journey of a thousand deaths” in her always joyful and most loving care of her husband through his battle with Alzheimer’s. Check out her other recipe and life blogs, too. This is a woman of many talents. She flat inspires me to love better.

The third goes to my blogger friend, “Sammie ” for walking out the Christian example to me in a hundred ways—she is too busy leaving encouraging comments to have a blog of her own (but should!). However, she blesses with words and testifies to a life surrendered to spreading the love wherever she goes.

What you might not know about me is a few years ago, I worked with a friend to launch an etiquette business called Contemporary Etiquette, and her slogan is “because nice matters” so Virginia, I thought of you as defining this for me in terms of grace and charm. Even though you don’t have a blog, I’ll refer to your website for this award.

There are some amazing writers in bloggie land and if you’re in the mood for a little inspiration, just click on the Christian Women Online icon at the right of my page, and let God surprise you for a little joy in your day. Thank you again, Shonda. You added some “nice” to my day.


3 thoughts on “because nice matters

  1. Annie….thank you for the award you presented to my Kindred Spirit…Charleston Yaya. She is, indeed, a special person, and deserves any and all awards.

  2. Thank you, Annie,for the honor, didn’t get on the blogging train til now!
    To say I’m speechless is an understatement! Anyone who knows me would say, “Speechless, not Jean!”
    My award should go to all the caregivers in many circumstances but I nominate Trish at – a ray of sunshine in any day!
    It’s been such support to meet all the ladies on the Mountain and more!

  3. Oh Annie, Thank you sooo much for your kind words!! And then you added that you had a hand in launching an etiquette business – well, both of my daughters and myself when I was growing up in the south – went to “missy prissy” school. Calling it that was the only way to get Kelly to go!! AND she almost didn’t pass!! That is an entire blog in itself which I will have to write now – or email you the story. That precious little girl that is now all grown up has had us laughing since before she was even born!! Have a blessed day, and thanks again!! Now…where I am going to pay this forward?? Kathy

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