a hope and a future

There’s a certain coolness in the air this morning. Don’t get me wrong. It’s still 72, but the air is lighter. The long oppressive heat is almost over. We had a wonderful break of some 51 days of straight rain this summer that kept things much cooler. Each day was not your typical afternoon shower, but a whole day where the air was so heavy with moisture that you only got a peep at the sun. Lately, the air has been hot and heavy with a short shower each day, including the storm last week from the tropical storm Erin. The great thing about Texas weather is we have eight or so months of pleasant temperatures, with about two of what you might call sweater weather, and two months where you’re not sure if Texas heaven has become hell. Every red-blooded Texan looks forward to that first day of fall, which rarely falls on the traditional 22nd of September. It is usually much later. But somewhere about this time of year, the dog days of summer start letting go a little, and morning coffee quiet time on the porch again becomes my favorite time of day. I know you all must love my meteorological reports but there is purpose in this Texas weather update. That first day that reminds me that fall is around the corner is a treasure in my short list that few can compare. It is the very definition of hope, and a sure reminder that God has not forgotten us.


2 thoughts on “a hope and a future

  1. I certainly notice the days getting shorter. Clear indication that fall is approaching. I’m also looking forward to the cooler weather!
    Blessings in Christ–

  2. Hi Annie – I always say Fall is my fav. season and then along comes spring and I have a new fav. It’s def. cooler here and I’m enjoying it. We had temps in high 30’s for weeks.I can’t believe Sept. is a short jaunt away!

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