meet sadie, the wonder pup

God is working on me in the area of sacrificial love—sacrificial sleep, a sacrificial door frame, sacrificial carpet. We are foster parents to a nine-month old puppy. Last Friday, it was a sacrificial finger in the back door. This morning it’s sacrificial coffee time in lieu of a trip outside and a full breakfast for Sadie. She’s really precious and I have to say (until the finger incident which I go to the doctor for today) I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. It doesn’t take long to fall in love with a puppy who thinks you hung the moon, follows you everywhere, and knows her place around here, not even chasing closet kitty. She has all the manners a young dog could have, and I find myself really falling for her. She looks like Nipper, the white dog with the black ears on the RCA Victor record label if you’re old enough to remember. If you’re not, I’ll post a picture of it. When I think about it, God is teaching me sacrificial love and surrender because soon she will have a new home and all I’ll have is a few unsightly reminders that she was once a guest in my home. Just like a mini version of raising kids, you have to let go, I guess. Because she doesn’t sit still for one second, these are the best pictures I could get. She is cute, though, I have to say.


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