the big 1-0-0

Welcome to my hundredth blog post! Who would have thought when I started this blog in late May, I’d have a hundred things to say by now? Well, that may be in dispute for some of you reading this (I didn’t say I had a hundred blog-worthy things to say), but I sometimes even surprise myself. God shows me again that there are new mercies each morning. What started out as a way to start writing again on a regular basis has become a joy and a privilege to share my heart and “meet” people all across the States and farther. It also has shown me I do need to write to hone the gift, so to speak and to answer part of the call I feel on my life to write to women. At the risk of sounding like I live inside a computer, I feel like you are my friends. I know a few of you, but what surprises me most is the kinship of sisterhood among strangers which I suppose proves we are all family in the eyes of God.

So, this simple celebratory post to say thanks for reading and taking the time to write back occasionally and even just stopping by and caring what we’re up to these days—for being Christ to me in many ways of compassion and joy, and for letting me bend your ear a little and write about what might be heavy on my heart, or just about another day in the life. You have brightened my last few months more than you can know.


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