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Just so you know I am as deep as I pretend on this blog, I thought I should let you in on what occupies a good part of my day these last few days. So, we were discussing the fine details of fall fashion this afternoon, and my friend asked what’s in? Or is the word “in” still in? Maybe it’s what’s hot? But somehow I just can’t bring myself to say that. It just sounds so trashy out of an almost 50-year old’s mouth. All this to say so little, but we discussed in detail the trends in fashion this afternoon.

I watched this and decided I was looking forward to what we have on the horizon this fall. In Texas, you wear all the winter stuff and just crank the a/c down, so you can still look like it might be a little nippy outside. I love the colors of fall—very good looking generally, but there are a few things you won’t see me in this year. Like this: short boots they’re showing with skirts? (I should note here that I don’t actually shop at Neiman’s but it is a great place for ideas.)

Maybe with some wider legged trousers but not this:

Mostly, because I don’t look like that. And then there are the cute fashion statements like these which I have on my “must have” list.

The two week deadline I gave myself to get my clothes closet cleaned out will come and pass tomorrow, and I still haven’t done it. I do have a new rule about coat hangers—I won’t buy any more. I am a little weird where this all is concerned. I like white ones. I hate the dry cleaners’ hangers, and I have decided I just can’t add one more to my closet and still fit it all in. The good news is that very soon, we’ll have our weekend getaway spot finished and I get another little closet to fill, which, of course, will have to have more hangers, and well, of course—more clothes! So many of the things I am struggling over parting with can go to that little closet in the sky, and I will have to fill all those empty, lonely coat hangers. And then, I’ll need to decide what color hangers for the new closet and feel confident I am making the most of my tired wardrobe by taking those things to the country. I’m liking this already. Nothing like a little forethought to justify some new fall clothes.

4 thoughts on “talking shop(ping)

  1. Well as you know I live in Florida – has anyone noticed the fashion, or just plain lack of fashion that exists in this state. People wear anything – anytime of year. I remember reminding the girls when we moved here that white shoes, summer clothes had to be packed away after Labor Day – what a total joke here!! This is the land of eternal sunshine and resortwear!! Gotta love it!! Kathy

  2. Cleaning out the closet to go shopping! I love it!

    I too like to use the same color hangers. Dark green for my husband, blue for me, white for Stephen and red for Chase. I didnt know what to do when I needed more green hangars for my husband and they didnt have any so I bought black. Now the colors are getting mixed up. Oh well!

    I need to go shopping too. I hope they will have more blue hangars!!

    Blessings in Christ–

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