I heard a song on the radio while I was shopping yesterday that contained the lyrics, “we all hurt.” I thought for a moment. There is rarely a day that goes by that I am not reminded how easy I have it. I have a great family, a loving, attentive and kind husband, and frankly, too much comfort, I imagine. I have actually had people tell me “I want your life.” Now, that will take you back a few steps! It makes you wonder why it is so easy right now, and it makes you very grateful. If you ever find yourself truly thinking you wished you had someone else’s life, look deep in their eyes, and see if there isn’t more to them than a shallow life of ease. I bet there is more, or certainly I hope there is. So, on that note, I’ll tell you a little about my day yesterday.

Have you ever thought you and God were long finished with some business of your life and you were all healed and ready to jump in and use it for good, as He had planned, only to get knocked flat on your face again LONG after it was supposedly done? I had some unfinished business from my childhood that got addressed, maybe not for the last time, but again. What followed seems almost too private a moment to share the details even after all these years. I believe it was just for me and God to work through, but there were some universal truths that are pretty clear that I needed to remember. What happened wasn’t in my control (is anything?)–just a sharp reminder of an event in my life that was very hard that hasn’t caused me pause for memory in a long time, an area of fear where God wants me to trust more. I wished I could share what the specifics were, but maybe in being a little vague, it will touch some tender recess of your own heart.

What I learned (again) is that love is a risk, and yet it’s all so worth it. People can hurt you totally unintentionally, and in ways completely beyond their control, but love is not really an option. You love them anyway and step out on a limb. And if you’re really blessed, they reach back and touch your life in unimaginable ways–even years later. You see, pain is not so bad when it comes as a saving kind of love, when it comes in the form of someone representing Christ to you. We do all hurt, but we all have unfinished business with Christ, bless His Name.

So, through it all, let’s keep trusting in Jesus and depending on His Name.


7 thoughts on “unfinished

  1. Yes, Kathy, isn’t it amazing how our perspective changes. Joni Tada once said, when asked if she was bitter about her accident, “I never once asked why me? I figured, why not me?” There but for the grace of God, go each of us.

  2. Annie-
    Your comments about someone wanting your life and your having it too easy struck home with me. I’m a bit ashamed to admit that at one point in my life, I was jealous of a good friend’s success. “Why not me, Lord?” I asked. Now, years later, she has had many difficult issues to deal with, including loss of a parent, children’s health issues, and her husband’s cancer. Again, I find myself asking, “Why not me, Lord?”
    Thanks for your great work!

  3. Annie,
    I too have a great life; seems easy to those who look at it from outside. I have forgotten that when I went to Africa last year the people there envied what we have in America. Poverty is so prevalent. Yet, inside the walls of my flesh, God is working out the things in me that dont glorify HIM. It is uncomfortable and uneasy, but I thank HIM that he loves me so much that He wont leave me the same as I was.

    Blessings in Christ–

  4. Knowing just a little piece of each of your lives, I know you know well what I am talking about. God is so good to work things out a little at a time with us, for the amount we can handle.

  5. Annie, having spent my 50th and 51st year digging through some issues for the past that need some son-light, I can tell you it is well worth the journey, should you choose to take it.

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