little nudges in the right direction

Recently, my relationship with doctors and white coats have been a somewhat love-hate deal. My doctor’s appointment today was no exception, except I thought I’d let you in on a little of my world. Until two years ago, I was one of those people who went to doctors for all of the preventative things I was supposed to. I do still have my teeth cleaned twice a year, (knew you’d like that, Angie) but I haven’t gone for the girl checkups and all that those specialty visits entail, or really any reason whatsoever. Because of all that I had been through, I have avoided doctors for the past two years. Somehow, with all those visits and several surgeries that didn’t go like clockwork, I developed severe white coat syndrome. I was told two years ago, I needed to find a specialist, and I didn’t do it. I just couldn’t bring myself to trade one set of doctors for another team. I should tell you that I am and have been as healthy as a horse, thank the Lord, but just had to take some extra precautions due to family and personal history.

I didn’t quite level with you earlier today. My doctor visit today was not routine. The last few days have brought about symptoms that reminded me of the words to find a specialist a few years ago, so I knew I had to finally do something about it. This morning, I went to a regular doctor and he set me up with the doctor I am suppose to go see, and I am back in the game. After two years of head in the sand, I am pursuing my good health again in this area. If I sound a bit proud of myself, I am. Isn’t it weird how some difficult experience, and even some perceived fear of another similar experience can keep you from doing what you know you should do to ultimately prevent another bad experience! Does that make sense? The anxiety of avoidance could be the very thing that brings on the thing I dread. So, here I sit, with a proactive approach again to my health, and I am a bit smug, but know I am doing the right thing. I had a good visit today and so far, all is fine, and I know, whatever the results, all will continue to be fine. Sometimes we just need a little push. And that can come in the form of a few symptoms or perhaps a couple of friends not letting you get away with putting it off any longer. Either way, I am thankful, and will rest easier knowing I am doing what I can for this temple of His.


4 thoughts on “little nudges in the right direction

  1. My sister has a theory that He carries us through the big stuff, but He wants us to show faith in these daily trials. She laughs and says that is how she sees it is Christ–she knows her natural man is a worrier and a sissy, but God shows strong through her in the big stuff. He does in the small too, but we are supposed to have just a mustard seed, I mean, good grief, a MUSTARD SEED’s worth of faith. Wouldn’t you think we’d could manage that! Thank you both for your prayers, and I am sure this isn’t anything, just a God-prompt to do the right thing. He will not let us out of His strong and catching, and ever faithful Hand.

  2. I know what you mean. A couple of years ago my OBGYN did blood tests and wanted me to take cholesterol med. or change some habits and go back for a re-check in 6 months. I hate taking meds so I avoided going back for the check for… a few years!

    I am glad you are doing what you knew you had to do. Know that I am praying for you! Keep us posted!

    I’m glad you haven’t avoided the dentist! 🙂

  3. Annie, does it not blow your mind how we say “God we are all about you” and we know He parted the red sea and spoke our world into existence (in more ways than the obvious) yet we some how get this stupid thought that this will be the one thing He can’t take on. I do it all the time. Like Beth says “it smells like smoke.”
    You are in my prayers today!

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