more book revenue?

This appeared in yesterday’s Houston Chronicle. (September 21, 2007) I guess all those years working in domestic violence may have influenced me, so I’m not sayin’, but …


2 thoughts on “more book revenue?

  1. I have heard that terror in women’s voices, and it breaks my heart to this day. A Monday morning recording of a woman desperate for help calling in the wee hours of a Saturday morning, when our shelter was closing and we weren’t able to help haunts me to this day, wondering if she went back to him, if she is alive, how many children she has, if they are okay, and on and on. She had that same panic in her voice. It’s still unfinished business in my heart. I remember just putting my head down on my desk and crying for hours. The brokenness of humanity…

  2. Yesterday I heard the terror in Nicole’s voice as she called 911 when he was smashing her door in. Then I listened to the hotel tape and sat down and cried for her.What a world of rage inside of him.

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