a real vacation of the mind

A while ago, I wrote a blog post that included this song called “Guantanamera” that always takes me on a little vacation of the mind. I love the beach and the cool drinks and the relaxing atmosphere. I am not a cold weather girl, but love the mountains–in the summer. So no moutains for a September getaway, but one final beach destination before the blustery winds of winter set in. In two days, Mike and I are going back to our favorite dive place–I don’t dive but love to snorkel. In the words of my middle daughter, “There are FISH!” she said in a panic as she placed her face mask in the water for the first time after finally convincing her that a shark wouldn’t get her. I love a good book on the beach–I have three packed, and two downloaded to my iPod. I love fresh squeezed orange juice. And I love an icy, pretty drink with an umbrella in it and a big chunk of pineapple to eat, and chill, while I do, well, nothing. It’s that time again, and we are going down to the Yucatan peninsula. I see there is some storm activity in the Gulf, so we’re praying for a smooth week, but the next two days will be spent getting ready for, well, doing nothing on a beautiful beach with too much indulgence, and some of our dearest friends of thirty years.

Did I mention the next few days? Of course, I am in a panic now to do all that relaxing in a couple of days. Mike’s parents are staying to take care of the granddogs and closet kitty. The dogs need a bath, the hair needs color, and for that matter, so does my skin (fake tan spray is the answer for this pasty girl.) I have new sunscreen. Have you ever used old sunscreen? Don’t. It doesn’t work. I have some new cute sundresses, and my nemesis, a bathing suit that doesn’t cover the thighs! Don’t you wish those old stylin’ girls of the 1900s would come back again?

Well, maybe not. I have some capris, some new sandals, and more to do than if I hadn’t planned on doing nothing! I am not bringing my computer, but I will try to send some pictures of this paradise each day, assuming the computer they said was in the room is there. No promises, no big plans, but I will try to keep a little of a journal going over the next week. Until then, keep singing with me “One ton tomato.” I put it at the top for your convenience. And I pray for you some real rest in Him. Prop your feet up and get a cold drink and sing like nobody’s listening. Count yourself blessed as His precious daughter of the King, and I will be back in a day or two to keep in touch.

One more thing: I promised to keep you updated on the dr. visit the other day, and all is well. Bloodwork all came back okay, and the EKG was normal. I will go see the specialist when I get back, but I am fairly sure I just had some inner ear thing going on with dizziness and nausea. I feel good again, and so thankful to get the good news before the vacation. I’ll attribute it all to a God-prompt to get me to again be more deligent with my health. And if this in some way can be a God-prompt for you, I pray you won’t put off making that appointment. And most of all, thank you for your sweet concern and prayers. Strength and healing come through some very magnificent ways.


7 thoughts on “a real vacation of the mind

  1. I pray you have a wonderful, safe and relaxing vacation! Thank God for the praise report on your health! I too will miss you.

    Blessings in Christ–

  2. Just a quick note from me, too! Just wanted to let you know I made your brownies to take to my son at MSU and he loved them… so did Lincoln! Have a nice week and I already miss you! Hope Bible study was good tonight!

    Love you-

  3. Annie, I have exams this week and have to attend my nieces wedding in Fl. Lauderdale this weekend but, when I return I am going to send you a book called “The Prisoner in the Third Cell.” I have about 7 copies of this book and they are all out and about. I will find one of them and send it to you. After you finish it send it to Jean.

  4. I am so happy for you to be able to go on the vacation! I love this song! I feel like I need to put on some (new) sunscreen just to listen to it! And a hat and some new sandals and a good book on my ipod! I won’t be putting on my swim suit, though! Have fun! I signed up for a scuba class years ago but changed my mind! I love to snorkel, too! St. John was my favorite snorkel experience! I hope you have the best time! I hope you really do post pictures!

    Thank you for the update on your health. Praise God! Now you can relax!

    Angie xoxo

  5. Oh,oh,oh! I love vacations on the beach.Those 30’s bathing suits def are the answer! Have a wonderful time and we bloggers will take good care of each other til you return – of course, we would enjoy pics and updates:)Have wonderful trip!

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