bienvenidos de la playa de Mexico

Good evening, from the Yucatan. Raining down here right now and the thing I brought to download pictures doesn’t look like a go. Wrong cord, I guess. I had the perfect picture for this evening, but soon. . .This place defines luxury and we are having a great time relaxing so far. I even smuggled in some rose petals from our garden for a little personal touch for the room but they beat me to it. There are some places where you just feel closer to God in all His array of beauty and this is one of them. The full moon tonight reflecting in the water is mesmerizing and the sound of the waves hitting the rocks rhythmically sets up white noise for a good night’s slumber, which I am off to right now. Thanks for all the well wishes, and we are going to have some real relaxation these next few days. I’ll really work on the picture thing and try tomorrow. Until then, sleep well and keep singing.


3 thoughts on “bienvenidos de la playa de Mexico

  1. Enjoy His beauty! …I love the rose petals! You think of everything!

    Praying for better weather today! I can’t wait to see your pictures!

    Angie xoxo

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