for kandye

Today as I ate my lunch, I took the paper from a drinking straw and carefully pressed it between my fingers into the pretzel shape of the famous pink ribbon. Even though it was white paper and wrinkled, I thought for a moment about my precious friend, Kandye. Today would have been her 52nd birthday. Kandye was a woman that you couldn’t sit next to in church because she’d get you in trouble. I told her that once because of the looks we got cutting up on the back pew. She was such a blast, and emanated love, and flat made you laugh. One of my sweetest memories is when she stood before a group of women at Bible Study Fellowship and told her story of how God had seen her through. She brought Him such glory.

She was a woman that fought hard for those things she believed in. She believed in life. She believed in family. She loved her two daughters without reserve and was a selfless and wonderful mom and devoted wife to her high school sweetheart. Who would have thought at 37 years of age, she’d be diagnosed with breast cancer? God gave her enough good health to see her youngest to her senior year of high school. What most of us take for granted, she appreciated: the gift of being mom and seeing her daughters become beautiful young women.

She was the kind of woman that leaves a huge vacuum in your life because nobody was quite like her with her wit, her smile, her joy, and her courage. Today I know she is in a far better Place with no more tears, no more pain, so I can rest in that, knowing she is celebrating her eternal Life today. The poem below I wrote for her just days before she was taken Home, now almost two years ago.

Tomorrow, her friends and I will take her mother and sister to lunch and celebrate Kandye at one of her favorite places to eat. And we’ll all drink iced tea like she would have. And we will laugh just like she would have wanted.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month, so please don’t put off another minute of getting your mammogram, and do those BSEs every month. It may not keep you from getting it, but early detection is key. It matters. You matter.

For Kandye
[October 21, 1955—January 13, 2006]
©2006 Annette Geffert

Valiant soldier, blessed of God
Somehow you’ve fought in this earthly sod.
Reaching out you claim in faith
How Christ is Lord, you trust and wait.

Valiant soldier, blessed of God
Do you think it some way odd
That He chose you to walk so far
To carry His Cross, to bear His Scar?

Valiant soldier, blessed of God
He smiles on you for boldly you’ve trod.
Just a little farther He sees your need
In chains for now but soon be freed.

Valiant soldier, blessed of God
Oh, the glory you’ll soon be shown
To stand before your Father’s throne
What greater joy that Day will hold.

Valiant soldier, little child
Rest in Him. You must be tired
The battle draws near its triumphant end
I love you so. Goodbye my friend.


4 thoughts on “for kandye

  1. I love your poem. I would love for my mother to read this one. If you don’t mind, I might try to direct her here, or share it with her. You have such a way with words! It might help her heal from the pain of losing my dad and my sister!

    Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday. She would have been 53 years old. She was a lot like your friend. She could get us laughing so hard… and sometimes get us in trouble! I can still hear her laughing!

    I’m so sorry you lost your friend!
    Love you-
    Angie xoxo

  2. I tried to post last night, Annie, when I read this, but was sooooo tired, my brain felt like mush! Though I never met Kandye, I feel like she was a part of my life because I heard so much about her and prayed for her so many times. Without a doubt, she is happier right now than any of us and singing Holy, holy, holy right there with Joan and Marva!

    I’m so sorry you miss her so much but I know it’s a “miss” that only makes your life richer. You were a true friend to her.

    Love, JeanM

  3. As I thought of Kandye today, I laughed and smiled through my tears. — Selfish tears because I miss her, and painful tears for the heartfelt suffering she endured … Laughter for the memories of shared moments … Smiles for where I know she is now!

    Love that Kandye !!!!


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