rollin’ on the river

. . .and around San Antonio’s Loop 410. Our weekend away was such fun. Two friends and I set out with two primary objectives: to get away and to have some sweet uninterrupted time to visit and enjoy each other’s company. And that we did! From going to a hysterical play, “Menopause: the Musical,” to eating some real Mexican food and walking on the River Walk, we were destined to relax and enjoy. And beautiful weather didn’t hurt either. We did a lot of driving around San Antonio and got the ten cent tour, thanks to my lack of a sense of direction. We did a little shopping and toured the better part of the wrong side of San Antonio, but stumbled on one of the best places for authentic Mexican food I have had in Alamo Heights, after the world tour of Loop 410. Now, I know for sure I could never be a travel guide because I can’t remember the name of the place to recommend, but I did take a picture. See if you can make out that name and let me know.

The interesting thing about getting lost was that my car has a navigation system, but I didn’t trust it. There is something that points to God in this so I am going to give it my best shot. If we had just followed what the nav. system said, we would have gotten there. However, once in the back of my mind, I remember asking the nav. system how to get home from Austin and it wanted to take me down to I-10, then to Houston. I know for a fact it was a whole hour longer than if I had taken the usual Highway 290 route. I would have gotten home, but it would have been with a big detour and lot of extra miles I didn’t want to go. So, thinking I knew better, I chose my own route this weekend and ended up lost as a goose.

God often works this way, too. He knows how to get us where He wants us, even if it has some detours along the way. We are meant to take the detours sometimes. It is a sure thing to follow God, but something inside us tells us we know better. We go our own way, and we find ourselves circling Loop 410. And ultimately, we end up asking our Navigator again, “Now, would You point me again in the right direction, and I promise this time I will listen.” And we still go our own way, but He is faithful to set us back on the narrow path again.

Back to the picture, if you can make out the name of that place, let me know. Of course, I couldn’t get back there because I can’t even tell you what street I was on. Life is never boring, but thank goodness, I am never really lost. It just takes me a little more time to get back on the right Track.


5 thoughts on “rollin’ on the river

  1. OK, I’m there! I love Mexican food; Cliff hates it! We probably don’t have anything “real” Mexican where I live, certainly nothing that “looks” like this place!!!!!

    Jean, I have no sense of direction, either, and I don’t know whether to believe Annette or not. She may have trouble with streets, but you put her in a huge convention center at a Beth Moore event and she can get you where you need to go in nothing flat! I think she’s pulling our legs with the direction business!


  2. That’s it. Thanks, sweet JeanM and Angie. And Jean, we’ll let Angie drive! We are so there in August for the Siesta Fiesta! It had the best salsa I have ever eaten. My friend’s husband and mine agree, and they are AUTHORITIES on salsa. It also was just really pretty with all the flowers they had everywhere. We ate on the terrace that is pictured in that slide show. Thank you, ladies!

  3. Thank goodness for “google”. I just did a search and came up with this. If this is it, I definitely would love to go there in August. I know I can get us there! I love the challenge!
    Looks fabulous!

    I’m glad you had such a nice time!
    Angie xoxo
    p.s. I think you need to write another book! 🙂

  4. Well, now for sure you and I can never go out together! I have absolutely no sense of direction – even in a mall – I always tell folks that if I turn to the right, just go left and you’ll get there:)

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