elizabeth: the golden age

Queen Elizabeth I: Give me hope.
John Dee: This much I know, when the storm breaks, some are dumb with terror and some spread their wings like eagles and soar.
Queen Elizabeth I: You are a wise man.
John Dee: And you, Madame, are a very great lady.

I finally got to see the long-awaited “Elizabeth: the Golden Age” this evening. I think I may be overstating it, but anything Cate Blanchett stars in from now on, I would like to see. She and Meryl Streep, in my book, are two of the consummate actors of our day. Both with just a certain look can speak volumes without words.

The movie wasn’t quite the adventure of the first, as sequels rarely are, but the elegant gowns and lavish costumes left no doubt you were smack dab in the middle of 16th century England. Complex and thought-provoking, it was a beautiful movie with a rare vicarious love plot that gave Blanchett’s Elizabeth depth and sympathy.

If you get a chance, it’s worth the ticket and the popcorn.


2 thoughts on “elizabeth: the golden age

  1. I have always said that Meryl Streep can play any role. She is such a great actress! I was wondering about that movie so now I’ll see it….

  2. I just watched the trailer. I does look good! I agree with you about Meryl Streep. I have to see all of her movies! We went to see “Across the Universe” last night. (My son recommended it.) It was creative but I’m not sure I need to see it again. It will probably be up for awards because I am the worst movie critic around!

    I liked the line about what happens when the storm breaks!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Angie xoxo

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