the marathon wait

Lindsay’s in town and we spent the day together. She’s going to be running a half marathon Sunday and has been training for months now. She is so sweet to spend time with me. We had plans to shop and eat and have fun, but we ended up taking all day at a doctor’s appointment in the huge medical center of Houston so she’d have clearance to run. She’s been working hard, but struggles with exercise-induced asthma. I really am against inhalers as most have steroid bases but she got a non-steroid one to use on Sunday. The appointment was at 11, and we got home at 5:45, without any shopping or (good) lunch. I was so glad I went with her, if nothing else to make the time go by faster. We laughed all day, had a bet going about who wrote a particular song, and sang practically every Beatles song that we knew, and still had some quiet time as we waited. Good conversation and time spent together (even in waiting rooms) is sweet for this mom, and I think Lindsay would agree.

I thought about how long days are for people who have to go to so many doctor appointments. Especially for those waiting on a difficult diagnosis, waits can be long and anxiety provoking. Days are long when you’re sick, especially if you don’t feel good and are in a strange place with white coats everywhere. Tonight, I pray for all those going through such difficult times for their healing and peace and comfort through it all.

Good news report came from Clifford’s mom today. He is eating enough for them to take the feeding tube out and, hopefully, will be going home soon, and they can have a little more normal life with all of them together again and all three children together. Thanks so much for all your prayers and well wishes. God has sustained them so mightily through a very long and draining month, and to His great glory, shown off on Clifford’s behalf. Please pray they soon are reunited as a family and all remain very healthy.


4 thoughts on “the marathon wait

  1. Jean, Shonda, Angie, Annie, and whoever else is praying (Oh, Mike, Annie!), the baby is HOME!!!!! And he is looking fantastic!!!! You would not know by looking at that smiling baby that he had open heart surgery almost 2 weeks ago! He is smiling, baby talking, looking all around, and just generally chillin’ out!!!! He was born on Father’s Day and came home from the hospital on Abe’s bd! He’s destined to give his daddy special gifts! Just as our Father has given us such special gifts! Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart and the mom’s and dad’s hearts for praying! There are some really cure pictures of him on his care page, and I tried to figure out how to get the link here, but I am pitiful when it comes to that stuff! Maybe dear Annie will do it for me! If you see the pictures (the ones they took today), the girl holding him with the short brown hair is mom and the girl holding him with the long brown hair is my sweet daughter and baby’s Auntie!

    Praising God and feeling like a feather right now!


  2. Awwww, your time with Lindsay sounds so sweet! Can you get shopping and a “good” lunch in today?

    My Abe is 28 today! (Clifford’s daddy!) He may be getting a precious, long anticipated birthday present today! We will see; will definitely report in later if it happens! Henry (big brother to Clifford) has an awful cold! 😦 It’s ok, God has it all under control! We will “rest” in Him! 🙂

    Jean, thank you for your concern. You are too sweet!

    Love, JeanM

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