Clifford’s home!!

I love this picture of Clifford. He looks like he’s feeling good again! This is a comment worthy of its own post, by Jean, CJ’s grandmother. Check out his Care page to see some darling pictures. Thank you so for being mighty prayer warriors on his behalf.

Jean, Shonda, Angie, Annie, and whoever else is praying (Oh, Mike, Annie!),
The baby is HOME!!!!! And he is looking fantastic!!!! You would not know by looking at that smiling baby that he had open heart surgery almost 2 weeks ago! He is smiling, baby talking, looking all around, and just generally chillin’ out!!!! He was born on Father’s Day and came home from the hospital on Abe’s birthday! He’s destined to give his daddy special gifts! Just as our Father has given us such special gifts! Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart and the mom’s and dad’s hearts for praying! There are some really cute pictures of him on his care page, and I tried to figure out how to get the link here, but I am pitiful when it comes to that stuff! Maybe dear Annie will do it for me! If you see the pictures (the ones they took today), the girl holding him with the short brown hair is mom and the girl holding him with the long brown hair is my sweet daughter and baby’s Auntie!
Praising God and feeling like a feather right now!


7 thoughts on “Clifford’s home!!

  1. Yes, he does look like Henry in a lot of his pictures. Henry adores his brother so he likes hearing that!

    Thank you, Angie, and much love to you back!!!

    Love, JeanM

  2. He is absolutely beautiful! It’s been a joy to pray for this sweet little boy, Clifford! He looks so happy! Our God keeps amazing me every single day!

    I could almost cry when I see him looking so healthy!
    Much love to you, Jean (and Annette)!
    Angie xoxo

  3. Jean, he looks so much like his big brother here, for the first time I’ve noticed. I love that little wrinkled nose smile. So sweet! Love, a

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