a ten-day salute to sausage

This weekend, finally, we’re off to New Braunfels with Mike’s parents to celebrate Mike’s dad’s birthday . I’m bringing my camera and computer to hopefully convey some of the festivities of Wurstfest and polka-dancin’, beer-drinkin’, sausage-eatin’ fun. I think I hear a little polka song in my head as I type. . .If you know me, this is a sacrificial gift. No doubt we’ll have fun, but I’d rather be, well, most anywhere else. But to be with them and to have some time together uninterrupted will be great. Meanwhile, you might pray my attitude changes about how I define fun. Hope to write again tomorrow evening from the big party.


5 thoughts on “a ten-day salute to sausage

  1. That’s so funny you asked. Why of course, he does. I have never heard him, but he took lessons for years and has one in the closet. I have heard him play the guitar and he is very good, so it might be his proficiency. Mike’s family is Slovak, both his mom and dad–first generation Americans.
    Yes, polkas are good workouts. There’s my angle for the glad game.

  2. Do a polka for me! It’s a great work-out! Did I ever mention that I am Polish? I don’t admit that to everyone. 🙂 You are hilarious. I will pray you will have a good attitude… sacrificially speaking! I can’t wait to see the pictures! Does Mike play the accordion?

    Make some good memories!
    Angie xoxo

  3. Ahhhh yes–how the Lord stretches, recreates & changes us through our husbands. 🙂 I’ve given those types of sacrificial gifts also…I’ll pray.

    Blessings in Christ

  4. Annie, Annie, Annie, I am so disappointed….to say you would rather be most anywhere else! As long as Jimmy tells no jokes you should be ok with the polka music and dancing! Such happy, upbeat music……just don’t listen to the lyrics too closely!!!!

    See if you can get a picture of Jimmy I can show Cliff!!!! And if you talk to him, ask him why he’s not coming to Blob’s Park in Jessup, MD this year!!!!

    Bossy, bossy, I know!

    Have a “barrel of fun”!!!!!!!

    Love, Jean

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