live from wurst hall

Well, not really, but moments ago, we were there in downtown New Braunfels. And so were 99,996 other partying, fun-loving, crazy hat-wearing (lampshades would look more serious than the ones I saw), behind-enhancing (won’t explain that one), dancing friends. Everyone’s your best friend, even though you just met them minutes before. Hey, jak se mas, right? I’ve lived in this Czech family for 29 years now and can’t ever remember how to say it, but I think I spelled it right. Kolaches, sausage, funnel cakes, fried everything on a stick, and beer splashing, cup collecting hobbies abound. And it’s only Friday night! I do think we need a hat. We were way underdressed.

When Mike’s dad found out that the Jimmy Sturr band was going to be at Wurstfest in New Braunfels, he asked if we knew. That was the plan, Dad. We aren’t your average Wurstfest celebrants. May I just say somebody’s day was made tonight. Here is the proof:

That’s him. Mike’s dad with Mr. Jimmy Sturr. Made his day, I bet. And I am not saying which one’s. Mr. Sturr was probably as honored to stand beside this WWII veteran. But that is a mighty big smile on both of their faces. And we start all over again tomorrow. Maybe–I did hear of a craft fair nearby.


1 thought on “live from wurst hall

  1. Awww, Annie, Mike’s Dad looks like he’s having so much fun! How sweet of you guys to give him such a fun birthday present! I know it’s not your cup of tea, which should make it all the more special to Mr. Geffert! 🙂

    I bet Mrs. Geffert would like a side trip to a craft fair! Maybe you could sneak it in??!! Wish I was there to sneak away with you!

    Enjoy the gift of yourselves you’re giving Mike’s Dad and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Love, JeanM

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