coffee with friends

Morning coffee out on the deck overlooking the beautiful green and cold Guadalupe River brought several friends. As I sat on the deck, I first heard a big splash, and thought that’s a big fish. As I gazed across the river to the other bank, I caught eye of two ducklings jumping in the river for a morning swim and breakfast. Then, looking to the right bank, I saw two turkeys having their morning chat by river’s side. Almost at the same time, I heard a squirrel ruckus in the trees and glanced upward to see a squirrel having his morning acorns, and simultaneously, little feet scampering down the deck toward me. I turned around, certain I would greet another squirrel, and lo and behold, welcome to Texas, it was an armadillo, trying to find its morning hole to hide in. Not known for being the sharpest cookie, (and almost blind, truthfully), he almost walked right up to me. I hadn’t finished my first cup of coffee and a fawn joined me across the river for her breakfast. Welcome to the Hill Country of Texas, where all of nature greets you this rainy, warm November morning. These critters remind you who the visitors are and who are the not so timid hosts.

Okay maybe you can’t see this clearly enough, but this guy was just feet from me, and headed toward me until the camera tried to capture it. These guys are ugly. Take a closer look:


4 thoughts on “coffee with friends

  1. Oh we have ‘possums and ‘coons that really love the cat food, too, at home in Houston. Possums hiss and don’t run away–they scare me. Racoons aren’t much better when the whole family shows up for dinner on our patio. Brooms don’t scare them away, and Abby the wonder dog about takes the door down trying to get them. It’s a wild and wonderful world!

  2. Oh, I just love these beautiful pictures!! In TN we have some interesting critters too….the other night we found a possum just going to town with the cat food outside in the garage….could have cared less that we looked to see what was going on….he was not quiet with his food at all. The cat just stared at him!!! Seriously?? A possum eating the cat food.

    This was great! Thank you for sharing.

  3. The location is beautiful, Annie! And, I loved all your visitors! Didn’t Beth’s Melissa write a funny story about an armadillo one time? Maybe I’m dreaming! Anyway, I saw him in the first picture, but, of course, the last picture is great! Glad he was camera shy, though! He might have come up and bitten you on the leg while you were so engrossed in capturing him on the camera. God sure made some interesting creatures didn’t he?!

    Love, JeanM

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