one last polka (or maybe a waltz)

All of this polka and food and happy music, and finally they play my favorite, “Edelweiss.” I am caught a little off guard and am carried away to another time so long ago. When I was a young girl, we had the Broadway (Mary Martin) version of “Sound of Music” on a record. I listened to the songs over and over. I pretended to be a Von Trapp singer and loved to try to yodel. One evening, my daddy, who rarely played with us girls, came in to our room and showed me his favorite song on the album. We sat on the bed and sang “Edelweiss” together.

Sometimes I play my iPod version of Theodore Bikel’s tender song, and I think somewhere in the back of my memories, I can hear my daddy singing one more time. Swept away in sweet memories tonight, I remember a simpler time when our family was still whole with his presence. Seems like another lifetime ago. I guess it really was.


5 thoughts on “one last polka (or maybe a waltz)

  1. Eerie…my daughter and I were just singing “My favorite things…” a few minutes ago. I love Edelweiss, too, though. The father’s love in the movie is so precious. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I do love this song. Just be sure you download the right Theodore Bikel version not the one with all the kids singing. It is a sweet memory.

    As for the porch and coffee, I’m ready most any morning, and I’ll keep the broom handy. Love you, annie

  3. Okay, I just got home from work. I still have my coat on and jumped on for a second. I got the chills instantly! I LOVE this song. I just KNOW we should have been sisters. I am not kidding! I want to curl up and watch that movie tonight! I am going to buy this song for my ipod, too! I want to pretend my dad would have wanted to sing that song.

    Did I ever tell you how much I LOVE your blog? …and you, too? I’ve missed you! I hope we can have coffee together very soon!

    p.s. I want to sit on the deck on the next post and have coffee with you! (You’ll have to protect me from the creatures since I am a scardy (sp?) cat!

  4. Annie, I love Edelweiss! It’s my favorite song from the movie and one of my all around favorites! When Kelly was little and she’d be sick and home from school, I would make her hot “sweet” tea and we’d watch The Sound of Music together. We both have fond memories of that.

    I have been caught off guard before too with a song that reminded me of my daddy, so I think I know a little of how you felt. Mine caused tears…..I would venture to say yours did too. Maybe when you get to heaven you and your daddy can sit down together and sing Edelweiss together again. I hope so.

    Love, JeanM

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