one choice – His

As I scanned my radio for a Christmas song, I was overwhelmed with all the choices. There are about six channels on XM satellite, two on the FM radio, and half a dozen other choices I could select from my iPod, and that’s just if I want to listen to Christmas music. I finally found the one I wanted on our local Christian station, and it was a beautiful rendition of “The First Noel.” I wanted to show you the lyrics, but I wasn’t able to find them on the internet this morning. It had a verse I had never heard that started “The blood of the Lamb…” It went on to sing the chorus and ended “Born is the KING.” This is all extraneous, but I do have a point. There were so many choices both times, and really, I only wanted a simple thing. Our lives are so often bombarded with choices all in the name of progress, but it stresses most of us out. God has a wonderful solution for helping to keep our lives simpler.

I was having “a moment” most of the day yesterday, and I called my sister to talk it through. There are a couple of people in my life that will tell me what I need to hear and not necessarily what I want to hear, and she is one of them, and I am thankful for her wisdom. As I was explaining (ranting), she stopped me in the middle of what I was saying (ranting) and said, “You wouldn’t really do that would you?” I said, “Well, if I have to…” She replied, “You don’t have that choice.” She meant as a Christian, I couldn’t act that way. It was a stark reminder that I belong to Him, and if I am choosing Christ, most of my carnal options are not options at all. I must choose Christ over this world, and not act in disobedience to His Will.

Other than prayer to align my heart with His, a sure way to know His Will is through His Word. So I started searching Scripture for some answers. I found this one I will share with you. God immediately took me to 1 Corinthians chapter 13. It humbled me quickly and brought me back to His perspective. If we do not see our situation through the filter of God’s Word, we will see it incorrectly. We will make false conclusions about our situation and we will not be seeing through the eternal perspective of our Father. A view through the filter of His Word is both humbling and glorious. His Word contains all the promises I need. In 2 Peter 1:3-4, Eugene Peterson tells us God’s promises are “tickets to participation in the life of God.” I choose to rely on God’s promises and depend on Him, and in so doing, there are never too many choices—really just one—obedience.


2 thoughts on “one choice – His

  1. I am always surprised you don’t have about 57 comments on your amazing posts! I am blessed by your words. You really do minister to me!
    Love you,
    angie xoxo

    p.s. Your son is so cute. I just had a brainstorm that he should meet my Meghan! What a great story that would be! 🙂

  2. Hi~
    I wish the radio station we listen to at work would mix it up a bit with some better Christmas songs. I was enjoying the “elevator type” today! I think I’m getting old. I am SO glad you have someone in your life that will tell you things you need to hear. (How sweet that it is your sister.) I like how you call it a “moment” most of the day. I am so thankful for His Word to help us see things right! It’s hard to obey sometimes especially when my pride gets in the way. I can be so stubborn. What a great post! You’re right, we only have one choice… and yes, it’s obedience. “But I don’t want to!” (unfortunately a lot of the time.) You have my permission to always tell me things I don’t want to hear! That’s true friendship to me! Love you, angie xoxo

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