it’s martha’s turn

Today, I’m clearing away the clutter and sorting through all the mail to pay bills before I pull out everything-but-a-tree Christmas decorations from the closet under the stairs. I don’t know about you, but I need closure on one holiday before I panic that I am late in starting the next. So, today, I’ll nostalgically throw out the pumpkins, and plant the crotons and chrysanthemums in the pots by the front door, and replace them with poinsettias from Costco. I will sweep away the dust and leaves of fall that gathered on my front doorstep and put a wreath on the door. I have put it off as long as possible. Although it’s been a wonderful few days of break, it’s almost December, after all. I’m feeling like Martha in a Mary world today. I read a humorous, insightful article on being a reluctant Martha over at Internet cafe. Off to take on the day. I pray yours is full of joy and accomplishment. See you tomorrow with the big list behind me, I hope.


4 thoughts on “it’s martha’s turn

  1. OK, kiddo, just quickly I’ll see if I can do this now!

    First of all, I read the article and loved it. I have always had a tender spot in my heart for Martha, perhaps because I relate to her so well. Sometimes I think we’re harder on her than Jesus was and I feel she gets a bum rap, but I’m probably just being a tad sensitive!

    Have a great weekend, Annette.

    Love, JeanM

  2. This is my weekend to get the house decorated too! I’m still getting used to doing it without the kids’ help. Costco has beautiful poinsettias! We have our first Christmas party tomorrow night! It doesn’t seem possible! Hope you got a lot done today!
    Love you,
    angie xoxo

  3. Hi Annie,

    Our Thanksgiving comes so much earlier than yours, so everything is pretty much put away before we think about decorating… and also there is snow on the ground now….brrrr.

    I wish you well in cleaning out the closet; don’t we always feel better when everything is in its place?

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