confessions of a side-tracked home executive

Well, I have been a busy bee. I started outside yesterday –off to spruce up the front porch. Unfortunately I started at the the back door to go out and take the trash can around to the front. I thought I’d stop and take care of the outside table and chairs really quickly first, so I gave all the cushions a good scrub in the pool. Okay, now I’m off to clean around the front door.

I hadn’t even made it to my Jeep where I keep my gardening gloves and clippers (doesn’t everyone?) when I saw this and knew I could go no farther:

The cannas were chewed up by some insect or caterpillar, so I took them out and trimmed the ginger. I filled a trash can with old pots and clippings. Then, I noticed none of the bird feeders had seed, so that was next. I also took one look at the back door and realized I need a new welcome mat and some new shades for the garage windows. The roses were lanky and needed a haircut also. And, a new plant for the pot by the door would be nice…so I started a new list.

Okay! Off to clean up around the front door…oh, but look who’s home at 4:30 today! Mike. What? It’s not 4:30? It’s 5:30 and getting dark. And I now look like this:

Just kidding. I may be somewhat self deprecating, but who takes pictures of themselves when they look like that? But my front door still looks like this:

Yes, that’s Abby, the wonder dog, ever at my side, eating a leaf. And those are very dead chrysanthemums behind the croton and pumpkin. Oh well, I still have most of today. I think I’ll forget the trash can and go out the front door first.


5 thoughts on “confessions of a side-tracked home executive

  1. Hey Annie,
    That sounds like how I work around the house. I need to go back to making lists to stay focused on what I started to do. My distractions have distracted me more and now I’m visiting. 🙂
    Blessings in Christ–

  2. I love cannas – believe it or nt, they grow huge here but have to be taken in for winter.
    Sounds like you had a great day but I know what you mean about being sidetracked!

  3. Boy, this picture taking is making me more accountable by the minute. My sweatshirt, jeans, socks and crocs might not make Garden Fashion but might qualify for What NOT to Wear. You must have me confused with my neighbor, Faye, when she gardens without perspiring, in her WHITE button down shirt, crisply ironed jeans, and cute flats. Hope you have fun tonight at your Christmas party! Just saying it, I’m already starting to panic…

  4. Okay, I had to look up “Canna” in the dictionary. I now know why I didn’t know what they are. “Tropical” American plant. I think you need to come to Michigan where we get snow, a lot of snow… no tropical plants!
    I was anxious to see what you look like when you work outside. You are probably dressed up in high heels and fully made up! You better have an updated post later today of your sweet front door with poinsettias from Costco and a picture of yourself! Have fun!
    Love you-
    Angie xoxo

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