GIRL, it’s a …girl

…little baby burro at our ranch. I know I left you hanging a while back and I just made it out to the farm today. So, you deserve a formal introduction. Her name is Heidi and she is three weeks old. We went to the back pasture to see her, but our first stop was for a most disconcerted donkey named Bonnie. I heard her cry from the gate. She was in the other fence and could not come to see us, so she let out a bray that would make your mama cry. I almost did. She wanted some treats and some loving, so we saw her first. Here’s the picture of me feeding her some carrot cubes through the fence.

I had my back turned long enough not to see the forty mama cows coming for some carrot cubes, too, so I got on out of there. And I promise to fix my hair before church tomorrow.

Here are the pictures of Missy with her baby and Heidi, the soft little fur ball that she is! These are some of the sweetest animals we’ve had. But I think you might find a cow or two that would disagree, considering that wild left hoof kick.


3 thoughts on “GIRL, it’s a …girl

  1. Annette, she’s so cute!!!! I forwarded it to Kelly before church this morning….I know she will love the baby!

    Back to Redskins football! I do pray during the game, does that make it ok to watch????? 🙂

    PS I thought I was running from a bunch of cows at my cousin’s house one time when I was a kid, only to get to safety, turn around, and see the cows lying in the field, calm as cucumbers!!!

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