o come let us adore him

It has become a tradition. The Gaithers come to town around Christmas each year, and a friend and I got to go to their concert again together. She got us some fabulous tickets right on the floor but we soon realized we couldn’t see very much being all one level. Here was our initial view:

We were so excited to be there and the sound was wonderful but because we were struggling to see, we decided we’d move to some empty seats at the end of our row until whoever owned the seats could claim them.
Here is where I took a couple of pictures like this. The music just kept getting better and better with the Isaacs, and we had heard that Mark Lowry was joining them. Now I know this isn’t everybody’s type of music, but I want you to know it was so sweet to sing old hymns and Christmas carols together. Just one problem now: we were freezing! We had on jackets knowing it would be cold as it was a 70+ degree weather day, and they had the air down to about subzero in the place. So, we sat on our hands and sang and sometimes clapped and neither one of us got any frostbite. But then an angel tapped us on the shoulder (she may have been an usher, but God was smiling, I have no doubt) and said, “I just got these tickets down front. Would you like them?” We said, “Sure. ” And we jumped up and followed her down to the SECOND row, just about fifteen minutes into the show, and Mark Lowry was up next. You know what he sang. Oh, yes he did! “Mary Did You Know.” And we finally got all warm and neither of us had a dry eye. Now, the goosebumps were just from such beautiful music.

(Oh, I’m sorry–Imeem shortened it. You have to hear this as Mark Lowry wrote it and can sing it like no other. Double click on the green title or here–it’s SO worth it.) And then, if our hearts weren’t full enough, The Gaithers came out and sang some of that perfect four-part harmony that they are famous for. Our ears were so happy.

We all sang “Away in a Manger,” and that young guy on the right in the picture (sorry I don’t remember his name) sang the most beautiful “O Holy Night” I may have ever heard. Then, they wrapped up four glorious hours of concert with the trademark song that Gloria Gaither wrote, “Because He Lives.” Our hearts were so full of worship as we left. And it isn’t even Sunday yet!


4 thoughts on “o come let us adore him

  1. The Gaithers live in a city right next to ours, about 30 miles away, so they are very well known around here. Gloria’s sister used to be in the Weight Watchers class that I led. Also, do you know Ray Boltz? He’s from my home town.

  2. Okay, I feel like I already went to church by reading this! I LOVE “Because He Lives” Praise God that you got the amazing seats! I “need” to go to see them next year! What a great tradition. Please… “Mary Did You Know.” Did you notice that that’s one of my favorites and I had just put it on my post?

    Love you,
    Angie xoxo

  3. This account made me grin from ear to ear! I love the Gaither concerts and I can see and feel everything you described….except the cold, never been cold at our concerts!!!

    Have to run get ready for church now, but will listen to the songs when I get home. You are s right, not one sings Mary, Did You Know? like Mark!!!

    Happy Blessed Sunday!

    Love, Jean

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