the easiest thing in the world?

C.S. and I don’t see things eye to eye. I believe he is perhaps one of the greatest theologians I read. I so want to be in this place. Here is a quote to reflect on today. I think Mr. Lewis is on to something huge.

“Can you die (to self)? I learned how to die the same summer I learned I was a Christian. It’s the easiest thing in the world. You don’t have to do anything. All you have to do is stop doing something. You have to learn to stop trying to preserve yourself. Once you let yourself go headfirst without worry or landing on anything, you’re a die-hard”—C.S. Lewis

I feel his freedom and abandon and sheer one-mindedness. Letting go of all the things we hold on to with such tight fists brings amazing freedom from the bondage and ties to this world. I feel his joy, like he’s free floating headfirst without worry for the landing, knowing well that he is in the Hands of his sure and catching Lord. I feel his courage in nothing being impossible with Christ. Maybe this is a simple truth, but rarely is it easy.


6 thoughts on “the easiest thing in the world?

  1. I hear C.S. Lewis and my soul comes alive. Love anything by him. He so brings God to me! I’ve been skimming your posts and just love love love your heart, a huge heart for HIM. Your beautiful God Isaiah 61:1 is ALL OVER YOU!

  2. A great quote to chew on, to meditate on, and to get into our heart, lifeblood, and corpuscles! How I wish I had it!

    I’ve copied the quote down to reflect on over the next few days/rest of my life!

    Thanks, Annie.

    Love, Jean

  3. Well, Annie, I don’t know what to say except I’m honored you stopped to comment at 2nd Cup. Your blog is so beautifully written, and mine is 90% silliness. I’m enjoying your posts. You know, I always wanted to learn to play chords to be able to do what your daughters do. And I love the application.

  4. I love Esther’s “If I die, I die.” And Paul’s “To Live is Christ, to die is gain.” Christ Jesus is simply all we need. There’s no room for any other. Easy? Not for most of us. But simple and true? Absolutely.

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