a new year’s resolve

Life’s been good. A little too good lately, I’m afraid. I finally had the courage to step on the scale and not to my surprise, I see the result of too much indulgence. My first (not) very healthy thought: I’m never going to eat again. My stomach growls at the thought. That has never been my problem. When I ran out of the fat-free creamer, there was no need to go to the store because I had some heavy whipping cream in the fridge I needed to finish. When I saw the last cookies in the tin, I thought I could polish them off and put that canister away. It was, after all, a gallant effort toward efficiency. No, eating has never been a problem, and lack of excuse making isn’t usually an issue for me either.

Honestly, I exercised faithfully for two years and one day stopped, and never thought about it again, at least until recently. What about habits forming after 21 days? Is that working for you, as Dr. Phil says? I once had a doctor tell me two minutes of sit ups a day and my stomach would be flat. I thought, surely, anyone could do that. I mean, you could not breathe for two minutes and survive. So, any speed, two minutes of sit ups a day, and I was faithful. Yes ma’am. However, I never have had a flat stomach even prior to childbirth and my last pregnancy was almost 22 years ago. So, much to my surprise, two minutes of sit ups didn’t pan out the promises of the doctor who meant well, but failed me. Or maybe I failed myself. All I know is here I sit with snug jeans and a not so smug realization. I have to do something.

I hate to make New Year’s resolutions because I feel like a failure usually from about day 2. However, I have made some “adjustment” decisions for 2008. For one, I’m going to move more even if it is just walking the dog. I am going to surrender my beloved sugary sodas, and I’m going to attack the diet thing with portion control.

Next Tuesday, I start “Breaking Free,” a Bible study by Beth Moore. I did it when it first came out, and spent the first six weeks not believing I really had any strongholds. About Week Six, I knew, indeed my heart was full of strongholds and deceit. I faced some of them then, but realized I either needed to do the Bible study over or seek some counseling on why I was in such denial. This time, I approach the study with my eyes opened, and could pick and choose from a myriad of strongholds. I will let God do that, but it occurs to me this scale reality check this morning is pointing to just one more to add to that list. Ah, God’s perfect timing. I can’t wait for Tuesdays. “Behold, I make all things new.” (Rev. 21:5)


12 thoughts on “a new year’s resolve

  1. Happy New Year! I’ve been without my computer for THREE WEEKS now, and have so missed you!!!!!

    I can relate to the tight jeans, and have been eating chocolate, sweets etc. etc. over Christmas like crazy!!! Think it’s time to exercise again!

    I also did Breaking Free and it was a revelation for me….. I think it’s great to do a study more than once, so I might try that one again… I NEED IT!

    Well, my friend, I’m so glad I can read your posts again, and I’ve missed you terribly.


  2. Good post…I didn’t feel bad about the scale this new year. I have been going to a weight clinic since October and have lost 13 pounds thus far. So for the first year in many there was no weight “resolutions”. Only to keep doing what I’m doing. I get the B-12 injection once a week, along with a 1200 calorie meal plan and 30 minutes of moving(exercise)3x a week. And as long as you can grasp how much (not that much) the 1200 calories is… you don’t have to count everyday. Not trying to brag, but my jeans are actually loose this year, and I didn’t completely deprive myself of Christmas goodies, but I didn’t overindulge like usual either. My motivation is twofold. One My oldest son Brian is getting married in May. I promised myself I would look good (to me) in the pictures. And the second reason is I will be 40 in August. I figured 40 wouldn’t be so bad if I was pleased with the way I look. So, I pass along to you and any who read lots of encouragement and prayers for success. We need to be healthy and fit for our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Amen…

  3. Happy new year friend. I absolutely loved Breaking Free and felt the same way you did the first time. I think it is a two time study!

    I pray that He be the center of your heart and day.

    Blessings to you~

  4. I walk/run 45 mins. every day. Faithful true and never lost a pound in 1 1/2 years. The trainer at the Y said if I lifted weights—that would make me lose—so I’ve been lifting for 9 mons—never lost a pound. Over Christmas I gained 5 lbs????? Oh well, I will keep running one mile per day and walking 1-2 miles per day even if I don’t lose another ounce cause I am doing it cause God convicted me to take better care of myself when I went through that severe depression. I just need to couple that with eating right—I could starve myself or go look for Texas nachos and M&M’s…I Cor 10:31 – why am I doing this to myself? Am I doing this to glorify my God or satisfy my flesh?

  5. Annie, very transparent and thus inspiring! I’m so glad you tried that sit up thing because now I know it’s a sham, and I don’t even have to try, right??

  6. My decision is to walk 30 min at least 5 times per week – that does miracles for me. If I could get W to go, it would be perfect. (I’m working on a plan of “deception” to involve him before he realizes what’s happening!)

  7. I too was on the scale this morning…and even thou I’m on the scale EVERY morning…I did not like what I saw. So Im joining with you all, so whether its adjusted decisions, sit ups or 21 days I’ll try it! Maybe some accountablity will help me!

  8. Oh, how those words “i exercised for two years, then just stopped” rang true for me. After one of our sons got married, I told my husband that I was tired of being chained to the gymn….would someone bring a pair of handcuffs and rechain me….the sad thing is i never see myself as having gained weight until I see a picture of myself and then I’m like who is THAT FAT GIRL!!! Maybe we can all help each other this year.

  9. Breaking Free is such a difficult bible study to do but so worthwhile. (as I am sure you know.) I honestly believe that it is the one Beth Moore study that you have to be in exactly the right place to do. I always hear two types of comments about it. Either it was the “best study ever” or “they just didn’t get it.” I will pray for you as you work through it. (You’ll notice I didn’t touch the “fat” issue. Not with a ten foot pole. I suppose denial is a stronghold, huh?”

  10. Yep, I hit the scales this morning too! Didnt like the numbers on it either. When I put my jeans on, I felt like I was being cut in half. I decided not to wear them today as I didnt plan to go anywhere so I put on stretchy capris to hang around the house. Sit ups is one of the exercises I have committed to doing as well as the portion control and right choices (i.e. fruit instead of a cookie, etc.) We’ll make it!

    Blessings in Christ–

  11. I kid you not, I was just finishing up a bag of potato chips and a Vernors when I read this! Good thing I don’t need “Breaking Free”… right! It looks like we have one more thing to do besides learning to play the piano this year! My jeans are tight, too! It’s definitely time… after we finish off the pizza we just ordered!
    Love you,
    Angie xoxo

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