one ringy dingy

My cell phone has been out for a few days. It actually has died a slow death over the past few weeks. It may be just a battery, but the phone itself isn’t accepting the adapter too well. To tell you the truth, I haven’t missed it, but others are upset with me that I am not available to them. I have been too busy to take the phone in and wait the long line to find out, I do, indeed, need another $300 piece of technology.

I never have been one to get all the bells and whistles on a phone. I don’t think I need a small computer, my tunes, a camera and a two year contract just for a phone that goes obsolete in two years, and a $18 upgrade charge(what upgrade?), when I already pay for a small army (Sprint friends and family plan) to be connected to the free world at all times. It’s a matter of principle. What about rewarding faithful (and generous) customer loyalty?

However, I digress. I really wanted to reflect a minute on this urgency to be in contact with everyone at all times. I am so one-track minded when I go out, I struggle to even grocery shop and talk at the same time. Oh, to be honest, I struggle to grocery shop. So, of course I struggle to shop and talk, or worse, to drive and talk. I don’t think I’m the only one.

The real killer is Blue Tooth now when someone right next to you says something. You turn around, and say, “Excuse me?” only to find that you rudely interrupted their conversation, as they point to their obvious ear bud and give you the “What is your problem?” look. Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you might want to live in the present moment of real time and physical bodily presence. My mistake.

Anyway, I’m a bit irritated by this little wonder that has so much control in our lives. In all fairness, I do remember a time when I made phone calls on a phone tree and I resented the homes that didn’t have answering machines. How rude of them not to offer this convenience to me, right? I imagine that few share my thoughts that cell phones are not a necessity. What’s left of my family and friends are a bit irritated with me, no doubt. Is it selfish to want a little time to myself (even if I’m grocery shopping) without interruption? I may be alone on this small platform. I’ll go get it fixed.


10 thoughts on “one ringy dingy

  1. Well, I love my cell phone. But everytime it is time to renew, I go in asking what will they do for me to keep me as a customer. I always get a free phone (don’t need the fanciest one) and a deal on texting. My iPod is a whole different story…

  2. Oh, I don’t answer my cell phone—don’t tell anyone—cause I can’t interrupt the person I am with in the flesh. So, I’m always calling everybody back. But I love my cell for two huge reasons:
    1. TEXT – send me your cell # and you will get texts from me, I promise…long texts but don’t worry, i can’t exceed a small #
    2. MUSIC – i have the Bible, Piper sermons, and 100 songs on my cell in case I am ever stranded on an island (but then I wouldn’t have a plug)…people think i am on the phone but I’m listening to God, worshipping HIM…I love my cell. Now, don’t ask me how I got that stuff on it…that Tomlin tape is close to home this a.m. as I just got off the phone from a “Now, Miss Brandon…call”. Why did I write this long comment. I AM SO SORRY! Should have e-mailed. I love you this morning!!!!

  3. Oh, you so hit me where I live! For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out how to retrieve messages on my cell phone, and people kept trying to help me do that, and I kept saying, “But you don’t understand. I use this thing for emergencies, like flat tires. I don’t WANT people to leave messages.” So I changed my recorded message to say, “This is Linda’s phone. Please do not leave a message because I don’t know how to retrieve it. If this is urgent, please call my home phone.” This cracked up so many people and made some aggravated, but I didn’t care! Great post!

  4. I laughed and laughed at the video. Where & how did you find that?

    What did my mother do when I was out and she couldnt get in touch with me. She waited until I got home, then I had to turn around and leave again to go get milk or something. My son has the convenience of a cell phone and I have the convenience of not having to wait so long for him.

    Sometimes I “forget” my cell phone or I turn it to silent and forget to turn the ring volume back up. But I also have a home phone and for those that really want to talk to me call me at home.

    It’s a toss up. But I think I’d rather have it than not. When not, just turn it down.

    You’re funny Annie!

    Blessings in Christ–

  5. That video was hilarious!!! “You are dealing with a high school graduate”. Hope you got that phone fixed so those “large burly servicemen” don’t come looking for you at the grocery store!

  6. Ornery’s mom fought tooth and toe-nail about getting a cell-phone, and for years she swore she’d “never get one.” But, she loved being able to call us at her whim. She moved away from the farm and into town this fall, and we added her to our cell phone plan out of necessity. (We don’t have a land-line and she was staying at our house while we were out of town and she was house hunting.)

    She uses her phone more than any of the rest of us now and has eschewed investing in a land-line, saying this is “so much more convenient and less expensive!”

    Go figure.

  7. I was without my cell phone all day yesterday and I enjoyed it. I left it at home when I went to work, then when I got home it was “dead”. I didn’t bother to put it on the charger until bedtime. They funny thing is, we don’t have a home phone, so anyone that wanted me was out of luck, OR calling my husband 🙂 You’re not alone on this particular problem, however I do feel a bit mixed. I do like knowing that I can call my children at any time and most of the time they can get me. The problems of Progress/technology.

  8. I probably shouldn’t admit that I am sitting in Caribou coffee on my new iPod that allows me to go online… Absolutely crazy! I am on my lunch hour. I think it’s terrible that all kids think they must have cellphones so parents can find them. I love when I forget mine at home so I can be free.
    🙂 –love you, angie coco

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