the sound of silence

You know you need to get out of the house when:

  • the shoes tumbling in the dryer sound like a metronome playing a snappy waltz beat.
  • the dog’s snoring drives you crazy.
  • the ice melts in your tea before you finish it, and you’re still sitting in the same chair.
  • Burger King sounds like a little too much trouble for dinner.

I went out early this morning and got my second Hepatitis A immunization with Lauren. She needed a couple of immunizations before her trip at the end of the month and I hadn’t followed up on a shot series I started. I enjoyed a quick lunch with my girls and came home and promptly took a nap. Being on cold medication does that to me. I know we are just a day away from having the house back to ourselves with the kids going back home, and it is already much too quiet for this mom. We will have to babysit the cat with bullying issues next week—Mali, a small cat who sees herself as lioness, but other than that, peace and quiet. Can I have a little chaos and noise again, please? I think I’ll go kick the dryer. Maybe it will give me a salsa beat.


4 thoughts on “the sound of silence

  1. One of my children’s friends died in college from not having the Hep A and I so worried cause we would frequently have a bind in getting the shots at the large universities. Like the mentronome methaphor…

  2. Perhaps I can pass some of our pandemonium on to you. Just so you won’t be missin’ the chaos. Not because I need a little peace and quiet or anything.

  3. You know you need to get out of TOWN when:
    –the snow squeaks when you sprint to your car.
    –you sit around wondering if there are any new ways to make chili.
    –you have to re-heat your coffee or tea 5 minutes after you pour it because it is freezing cold.
    –you want to start a fire in the fireplace but you can’t because it will suck all of the heat out of the rest of the house.
    Only 3 more months of this! Why do we live in Michigan again? I hope you are feeling better.
    Love you, Angie xoxo

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