crash test dummy

So, what’s a stronghold, you ask? Well, you really didn’t ask that. But you did ask how Bible study was the other night, so here’s my starting point. Maybe you don’t care what a stronghold is at this particular time in your life, but I need an opener. And I care very much what a stronghold might be as I begin to evaluate my life with God in taking a poweful Bible study by Beth Moore called Breaking Free.

What’s different about this study is it is not for wimps. This one gets in your business and forces you to look at the ugly stuff. But as Beth said the other night, we are not wimps but as God told Gideon, who was hiding in the winepress, we are “mighty warriors.” If we are to stand up to claim the Truth God has for us and the fruit He wants to produce in our lives, we must be brave warriors, too. I have no doubt it will be a bumpy journey, but one that promises, as sure as God’s Word is Truth, that there is freedom where the Spirit of the Lord is. Freedom from hurts, hangups, bad habits, and anything that keeps us from experiencing the abundant life God intended through Christ–every stronghold.

My sister heard this story on the radio this morning about a man who had hit a tree head on. He was treated for injuries, and realeased. However, when the paramedics pulled him from his car, he had apparently buckled in the twelve-pack of beer beside him and forgotten to wear his own seatbelt. Hmmm. Whatever we hold dear, we protect. Whatever we exalt is a stronghold. And in doing so, we often forget to take care of ourselves.

All I know at the beginning of this journey is to take Bev’s advice and “beckle my bult.” It’s sure to be a bumpy night, but one that, if I go the distance of the next ten weeks, will bring freedom and healing.


3 thoughts on “crash test dummy

  1. buckled in the beer…oh no…

    you make me laugh
    you make me cry
    you make me happy
    you make me die to myself

    and that’s my first poem ever
    it’s not very good, impromptu
    but it’s LOVE for you…

    tell me anything about
    Breaking Free!!!

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