His Banner–a Friday Godstop

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Welcome to Godstop Friday. It was quite a week at annie’s eyes, and it’s time to give Him a little praise and credit. Patty at Girlfriends in God hosts Godstop Friday and always has the most inspirational posts. If you would like to see other Godstop moments, drop by her blog. You will enjoy reading hers and others’ posts where God revealed Himself this week.

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. As one of the most famous first lines of a book, Charles Dickens begins A Tale of Two Cities, but it accurately depicts my week of the ups and downs of life. In the best and in the worst—every time God showed up in huge and unstoppable ways. For a Godstop revelation, He is the unstoppable, unchanging, never-ending love story we all have longed for. He comes to our aid like a knight in shining armor and rescues us from even fantasies of harm we render against ourselves. How’s that for Jehovah Nissi—our Banner God under whom we rally and prevail against our enemies! When our own freedom is in danger, our Banner God shows up and drapes His love and healing over us in protection and healing. This week, my foe was fear. He felt so far away, and then it hit me. When He feels far away, He is behind me. He is backing me up, so to speak, ready to catch me if I fall. He is covering me with a banner, a blanket of love. He wants me to remember I need Him. He knows I will not stop until I become aware of His presence. And so He waits for me to call. Sometimes, it’s a whimper. Sometimes it’s a song. Sometimes it’s the bray of a desperate woman. What a week of His most unmistakable presence through the best and the worst of times. He alone is worthy, and so I sing of His unfailing love. In heaven, I can’t wait for a better voice so others can rejoice when I sing too! At least He’s happy with that joyful noise…for now.
Blessings of His unmistakable Presence to you this weekend.


11 thoughts on “His Banner–a Friday Godstop

  1. Perhaps I’ve notice Him more in the worse parts of my days.

    I read this in a devotion this morning:
    “If you find yourself in great distress, know that God will bring your deep shadows into the light. The key to your deliverance is becoming satisfied in God. He becomes your all. He is your life. You will know your deliverance is near when your circumstances simply don’t matter to you anymore. “

    I just wanted to share it with you too. I want to become so satisfied in God and know that I know He is my all; He is my life so much so that the circumstances wont matter any more.

    Love & blessings in Christ–

  2. I am so glad He makes reasons for us to need Him too! He is our Comforter in the best and the worst of times and I, for one am looking forward to the BEST of times one week from today!

    Hope this weekend is full of Joy!
    Love you,
    Angie xoxo

  3. wow! what an awesome reminder of just how much our God loves us and watches over us. and not only that, but what lengths He goes to to make sure we know it!

  4. my worst of week was running out of gas in madisonville with potential person headed my way…
    my best of week was the FED EX guy whom I will never forget—I told my son we were being sued…until I opened the envelope with him breathing down my neck to see who was suing us…human interest story…did you get my message on your cell around 8pm—it didn’t beep…

  5. PS – I got so excited telling you about the envelope that I forgot to tell you what was in it—five money orders for $1,000 each…we can pay our Monday bills. My beautiful God just stopped by in Benbrook to my waiting heart, my longing heart. Words could never described the feeling at that second when you realize—it’s my beautiful God!

  6. You have a powerful voice that speaks with GRACE and POWE R and BEAUTY. You’ve never seen your face, seen your voice, but I have—it’s beautiful. And your God has poured His beauty out on me this week in e-mail’s—your voice in my favor sink deep for me. I just awoke to a God Stop…just have to tell you that my beautiful God just showed up in a FED EX envelope at our unemployed Benbrook door moments ago, leaving me in a speechless melted heap of grateful tears. He’s here!

  7. Thank-you SO much for this post. This week has been a week of fear…and anxiety in my heart….and I needed your reminder…that he IS a banner over me!!

    Have a BLESSED weekend.

  8. Hi Annie – I’m glad I came by. I love to hear how God interupts our days with His loving arms wrapped around us, marching in victoriously with His banner waving high!

  9. What a beautiful post! To me that is the most special GodStop. It is what GodStop is about. The days that we feel He is far away are the very days He is closer. I loved what you said about Him being behind us. How HE drapes Himself around us! I laughed over your comment about singing. Girl, I second that for myself. One day in heaven our voices will sound beautiful to others. LOL!! I sound really good in the bathroom or car. :o)
    Thank you for sharing your GodStop today! Have a great weekend!!

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