the difference a day makes

“The grass was wet and the earth smelled of springtime.” The opening page of Charlotte’s Web came to mind as I looked down from the porch and saw a half dozen ducklings following their mama in the stream that runs between the house and the barn. Yesterday, January blew blustery breezes, but the penetrating sunshine held the promise of warm days ahead. Though I worked most of the day out there, I couldn’t help but pause and breathe a little deeper. After writing my stressed post on Tuesday, God didn’t like the line very much about me asking “Where are you today?” because He showed up with rivers of peace and connection. The clean winter air, free of allergens of spring, purified my soul of the negativity that had overtaken me the day before. The chirps of birds became my song as the few remaining leaves on the trees wrestled as accompanying percussion in the sway of the breeze. What a contrast of two days.

I appreciate each of your hearts on the comments yesterday. I thought I had guarded against any additional sympathy since I had plenty to share, but you still got to me. You reminded me that I am a warrior not a wimp, though I may still look like a wimp. I am solely His even over rough waves, though my waves are more like getting splashed in the chlorinated water of the baby pool. I am a warrior whom the Lord granted a respite.

I wish you could have gone for a walk with me. Maybe to see the ducks or the baby cows. Or even Heidi, the burro, and Missy her mom, and my sweet jealous Bonnie who’s lonely, we all know, without a sweet baby burrito herself, so she insists that I see her first with the treats. Honestly, grown men would cry to hear her bray, “Puh-LEASE, don’t forget me.” In Tuesday’s post, I knew just how Bonnie felt in my prayers. There is some raw emotion in the bray of a desperate woman. Enjoy a few pictures of the wintertime ranch. Spring is closer than we know. (Both at the ranch and in our hearts.)


4 thoughts on “the difference a day makes

  1. Good thing I have a dictionary on my computer. I didn’t know what a ‘burro” was or what “bray” meant! You teach me so much, but mostly what it means to be real! I am grateful for your openness and honesty! We all go through what you did this week but most of us are afraid to be so authentic! Thanks for sharing your heart!

    I love my prayer warrior!
    Much love and many smiles!
    Angie xoxo

  2. annie, I’m praying for freezing weather because I have 50 middle school girls come to skate on the ponds and star gaze through telescopes. Its Saturday and we have a winter storm coming tonight. I had to tell my friends I was sorry but I had been praying for a blizzard. Ha

  3. Thanks for the pictures…looking at the possibilty of ice….or at least freezing over of water left on I hope not..Looking forward to Spring too. It is my favorite season…new life…..Blessings sweet girl…

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