for Mason

UPDATE and Thanksgiving: Mason was born this morning at 2:15 a.m. and weighs 4 lb. 9 oz. He is 10 weeks premature but has good (about 90%) lung development. Mom and baby are doing well and lots of smiles of relief this morning. The results for the bacterial infection won’t come back for 48 hours, but they are going to get to keep him at the closer hospital and he will be there about a week they believe. Thank you for your prayers and concern and I’m sure they would want us to keep praying for his continued improvement. We are all so thankful and taking a deep breath of relief after a long yesterday. God continues to be faithful through each step of Mason’s dramatic start.

This day, I have a single prayer on my heart. My friend’s grandson is being born today. So many things I could tell you about the miracle this baby is. There are so many intimate details of God in his story already, but too personal to share here. Suffice it to say, they’ve been through such a huge season, and God has been so faithful. The baby is going to have to spend the next few days in Texas Children’s Hospital, and it won’t be an easy delivery. Would you join me in prayer for baby Mason and his family?

This dear friend never spends time talking about her stuff to me. She simply asks me to pray. If I want to talk further, I have to take it up with my Lord. No long tales of her circumstances that could make anyone weary and fearful, just a simple request to pray. She has a calm faith that touches my soul. So I pray with her heavy on my heart. Lord, it’s time to show up again. You were never needed more. And we will sing again.


3 thoughts on “for Mason

  1. I am praying for them right now! I pray for God to wrap His loving arms around all of them, especially Mason. God is faithful and it’s so nice to know your friend trusts God in every single one of the details.
    Much love to you and your friends!
    Angie xoxo

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