good, good dog

Late Sunday evening, my daughter, Lindsay, and I were in the kitchen visiting before she went back to school early Monday morning. We were waiting on a cake baking in the oven so we were sitting nearby to hear the timer when it rang. Abby, the wonder dog, sat at my feet, her usual post, watching for the raccoon that comes and eats the cat’s food on the patio each evening. She is the self-appointed sentinel guarding the sacred bowl. Rarely does the raccoon disappoint, so it has become a worthwhile evening entertainment at our house.

I finally was getting tired, and started talking to Abby, “You ready to go night-night?” She promptly picked up her stuffed animal and happily skipped off to our bed, tucked herself in and went to sleep. So, why would this be a blog-worthy report to you? As I told Lindsay after we watched our obedient dog, “Not one of y’all did that–not even once.” I was a proud mom.


9 thoughts on “good, good dog

  1. Love that precious dog. 🙂

    And, just read about Mason and I will pray for that sweet baby and his momma and daddy!

    Blessing friend~

  2. Loved your story. My kids weren’t that prompt on obeying either. The sheltie we had was a jewel..he was so good and minded so well. Can picture your sweet dog doing what you asked…Blessings…

  3. This is a true story! Abby is the best dog around and is the most intelligent… not to mention the sweetest!
    I’m with you, wishing my kids would have obeyed like Abby!

    Love you,
    Angie xoxo

  4. My border collie will only obey men….sometimes I’ll try to trick her and talk REAL DEEP but it still doesn’t work…she thinks I am a push over…wellllll

  5. That is so funny and true. My kids never did that either. Unless they were sick. The dogs are much more cooperative. Except the basset hound. Who is the most willful critter on this earth!

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