He is mighty to save – Godstop Friday

“To God there is nothing small. The moment we have given it to God, it becomes infinite.” –Mother Teresa

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Today is GodStop Friday, and I am most thankful to report God is alive and well in Houston this week. He showed up so beautifully in the sweetest and some really hard times. For a woman who hates hospitals, I manage fairly well getting in and out and parking, remembering where I parked, and even finding make-do newspaper umbrellas in the rain. As I posted earlier this week, my dear friend, Trisha’s grandson was born prematurely early yesterday morning, and there were many concerns. Before we heard anything another friend, Cathy, and I decided to get down to the hospital at least to bring some care packages of food and jackets and socks (Trisha’s cold natured like I) and various other necessities for the family who had been at the hospital over 24 hours by that time. Just as I was leaving, the phone rang, and Trisha told me they had a precious baby boy and he was not going to have to be transferred to Texas Children’s. Two gifts in one sentence—He was born healthy and he would not have to be far away from his parents. He will have to remain in the hospital for a while but they expect him to do well, and for this all His blessings through this season, we are fall-on-our-faces grateful! God was in every detail and continues to be, as Mason has brought such joy already to this dear family. This was a beautiful Godstop #1 this week.

God showed up in another not so conventional way this week in my marriage. Mike and I have the same “discussions” over and over again, with little resolution and much frustration. We finally this week, got past the big hurdle on it, and agreed to do a couple of very small things in the right direction to move ahead and not be so stuck in this area. I was so thankful for the gift of small progress. God’s Handprint was all over the way neither of us got frustrated before we came to some type of resolution and one that might move us far enough not to go to the identical place again in a few weeks. Mighty Godstop #2 this week for us.

In another area, my sister had to deal with a child at her school that was being severely abused today. Just as we see God in the good, we must see Him in the suffering and the awful. There had been other suspicious incidents for this boy, but it brought a spirit of fear over the teacher that had to report it, and of sadness for the whole school for the children in the home, the mother, and the family. It is no easy thing to do the right thing. I trust God was all over this, making sure this little boy is not harmed again, and getting him out of danger. But a family is in trouble and lives are at stake. Pain and hurt are all over this story. Christ died for this also, and for this, I trust only He can be the solution in these horrific events. Hard Godstop #3 this week.

Every week when I write this, I think about line in the movie, “Sixth Sense, ” when the little boy says, “I see dead people.” I want to start off my post each week, “I see God.” I am so thankful I see Him. I don’t know what I would do without His presence and, in particular, the specific revelation of His presence to me. Lord, if you don’t go with us, how will they tell us from everybody else? Thank you for your promise that You will never leave us or forsake us. For we are Yours alone. For other miracles of God sightings, visit Patty who hosts Girlfriends in God. I promise you it will make you smile and shake your head in the wonderment of His presence.


12 thoughts on “He is mighty to save – Godstop Friday

    So thrilled about the baby’s health. So sad about the little boy for that was me one day and I tried to tell a nun once and was rebuked. I remember the spot where I stood in the high school building. So stirred about God’s moving in your marriage and I know you will continue to take the next step and the next step, honoring HIM.

  2. I love your Godstops and how He’s even in the small things. I’m praying for your Godstop #3. Thank you for all you do and say, especially this morning! 🙂
    Love you,
    Angie xoxo

  3. Annie,
    Praise the Lord for these God stops! I pray for the boy that this end will be a new beginning for him that is filled with hope from our Lord. And your marriage relationship made progress. I suppose marriage is always a work in progress.

    Blessings in Christ-

  4. Thanks to all for your continued prayers. CPS talked to the boy, Kevin, today and I am unsure of the outcome. He went home. This is a critical time in families after the report has been made. May God hold Kevin in His arms of safety.

  5. Wow! God sure has been busy this week. I loves baby steps. that’s how I usually end up doing things. I hate that little boy had to go thru so much, but I’ll pray for him.. that God would protect him and show himself to Him during this time.

  6. Praising Him with you as He has met you this week. I can see your sweet heart and desire to know Him better. He met me last night as I struggled with some decisons that have to be made more by my husband than me, but that affect me and I may end up with a little say so in them. They are not crystal clear and that is what we really need from Him…Blessings on your week end…thanks for sharing your heart.

  7. Praising Him with you Annie! And, my heart breaks for that darling little boy. I’m praying for him now. God is with us through it all.

    love you friend~

  8. Praise His Wonderful Name!! God’s gracious hand is on Mason! He gave you and your husband the answer or direction you needed! My heart breaks for the boy, I pray that he will remain safe and I pray that the whole family comes to know Jesus! Nothing is too hard for God!!
    Thank you so much for sharing your GodStops. I have so much excitement visiting each one because God does amazing things each day, each week! Have a wonderful weekend!

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