further cooking confessions

Really. It shouldn’t have been that big of a deal. I decided I wanted some brownies, and I had this frozen READY TO BAKE Duncan Hines mix in the freezer, (as if adding water and an egg is too difficult), and the directions said all you have to do is throw it in the oven and 27 minutes later, you have a pan of homemade goodness.

I’m a little out of practice in the cooking department lately so this perfectly appeals to me. I peeled off the cellophane, popped them in the oven on the recommended cookie sheet and 25 minutes later started to smell burnt plastic. Eeew, that’s the carcinogen they’re warning us about. So, not being one to totally throw away a pan of almost perfectly ready brownies, my quick thinking made me dump the plastic onto a cookie sheet and thus save, oh, at least ½ a pan of brownies. Because that’s the kind of chocolate lover (and lousy cook) that I am. I did figure out that when they say the medium shelf in the oven, they mean business. No, sir. No top shelf for these babies. All this from one who knows Jello failures too, I dare admit.


4 thoughts on “further cooking confessions

  1. Oh, I am wanting me some chocolate now. I think if I’d had “brownie failure”, I’d have to go back to bed.

    I was wondering if those were any good though. I hope the rest of your day was blessed!

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