the light of His face

The night is always darkest before dawn. When the night is extra dark, when every door seems closed, we often discover later we were only in the shadow of His Wing. If we turn our eyes upward instead of toward our circumstances, we will see that Light abundant is wrapping Himself around us. I have a friend who is going through a divorce and her struggle is ever before her right now. All the pain that severing of flesh brings and the guilt and sorrow that accompany it are weighing heavily on her today. I so want her to feel His loving arms around her through this week, as next Monday will be a very hard day. Please pray for her and all those this day who are struggling in their marriages, desiring God’s Will for their lives, but torn from the brokenness. Lord Jesus, we need Your power to walk out the hard pavement of life. Many marriages are in trouble, Lord. We have not loved others as we ought. We have a sense of self that rises up, and once again we are reminded that we need to let that part die so that You can fill us up with more of Your Spirit. Lord, heal the brokenness and hold back no portion of Your Grace and Mercy poured over us in forgiveness and strength to walk ahead. I particularly lift up my dear friend and her husband and pray for renewal and restored joy,for forgiveness and grace to flood their hearts, and for tomorrow to look bright again to them.


6 thoughts on “the light of His face

  1. Just know that I am also praying for this couple… and God can do the impossible if they put their trust in Him. I’ve been through the fire and know it’s a hard road for them.

    Have a good weekend, Annie!

  2. I’m praying with you. I am so grateful today that He is the head lifter. I pray your friends are desperate for Him and keep Him in the center of their lives no matter what!
    Joy cometh… in all our marriages!
    Lots of Love,

  3. Amen. I stand in agreement with you in this prayer. The enemy wants to destroy the marriages. May the Lord renew their hope and I pray their faith in HIM not fail.
    Blessings in Christ–

  4. So many could add names to this post. I pray for all the marriages that are brought to mind as each of your readers join in agreement in prayer today. May each experience a new hope and feel His hand upon them.

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