a latte to think about

My daughter, Lauren, is published in this month’s TCU alumni magazine. The article she wrote has a lot of great suggestions on doing little things to improve our environment. Each one of us can make a difference. Here’s the link.


12 thoughts on “a latte to think about

  1. Annette – You have to be so proud of Lauren!! A great writer, beautiful young woman, and finding a place in her life to make this world better!! Tell her congratulations on her publication, and on continuing her education!! You go girl!! love, Kathy
    see you in SA!!

  2. Dear Annie,

    I think these ladies said it all…. but you must be very proud of your lovely daughter…. and the article was very interesting…we all have to do our part to save energy!

    Enjoy your weekend,

  3. My husband reminded me of my next least favorite way to save energy and help the environment…close the curtains/blinds/shutters etc…

    Annette # 2

  4. Wow, she made a lot of good points. My only thing about the new light bulbs is that they are not very bright and make it harder for”old”eyes to read by. We’ve done alot of what she suggested. Now by havin the main office out of the house we will be saving in alot of ways. Know you are proud of her. Blessings on your week end. Mary Lou

  5. I’m so impressed. She made some excellent points. Honestly, I have never thought about what goes into that cup of Java I so enjoy! I’m sure you are very proud of your beautiful daughter. And to think she can play the piano, too!
    Have a great Friday!
    Angie xoxo

  6. I’m going to go read but just wanted to comment first and say
    “How cool is that?”

    We can all make a difference. Even our church went green this past year. Its been very cool.

    Love you,

  7. As Christians, we need to be good stewards of this earth.

    I have been being doing most things on the list for a few years now. The only 1 I dislike is the CFL’s, I need more light, and when they do burn out, I do not know where I can recycle them. You cannot throw a CFL in the trash. I will continue to use them.

    If you cannot garden, buy from a local farmers market. The produce is not shipped hundreds of miles.

    I have also switched to cold water in most loads of laundry. Saves energy.

    I truly believe we can all make a difference.

    Annette # 2

  8. Okay, I’ll go buy flourescent bulbs and unplug my appliances…thank you Lauren!
    The child has her mother’s writer genes!!!!
    I am so impressed you left a comment on the LPM blog with a LINK….NOW HOW DID YOU DO THAT????

  9. Beautifully written and so informative. I know you must be very proud of her and will greatly miss her when she goes to Oxford.


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