bugable or hugable?

Which one can you relate to more, Lucy or Snoopy? Today, I feel more like Snoopy because I know I can turn a few worlds upside down with my reactions, and yet I’m still hugable! Just annoying, but hugable.


5 thoughts on “bugable or hugable?

  1. Oh wow I will have to say that I find my self as a Lucy way to offten, I try to be a Snoopy, does that count???
    I pray that you are having a great day…

  2. I don’t want to be Lucy but I bet somedays I am.

    I can be Snoopy too. He kinda goes along and does his own thing. Bebopping along, oblivious to all around him. (maybe he’s blonde?) Plus he’s got the whole red baron thing going on. (did I ever mention that my imaginary friend was Ultraman? Now I’m sure I need to sit in Lucy’s psych box!)

    love you!

  3. You? Annoying? Hugable, yes.

    I think I’m a snoopy, too.
    Maybe someday we can meet over that piece of fresh apple pie and Starbuck’s coffee and laugh about it 🙂

    Love to you,

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