sunday’s song – he knows my name

This day, I ask your prayers again for my dear friend, Jean and her family, as they go through another difficult health crisis with their grandson, C.J., who is a year old. To read more about his struggle, see her comment #4 on ETJ here. She was given this song to comfort her when she found out about his heart, so today as you listen, please bring them before the Throne of Grace. Bless you this Lord’s Day.


11 thoughts on “sunday’s song – he knows my name

  1. Thank you again, everyone for your precious prayers. I couldn’t listen to this song yesterday, Annette, I would have sobbed the house down if I had. I’m listening now, with tears, but not as bad as it would have been yesterday. I realized today that I have been trying to put my trust in what I can see and what the drs. can tell me and what I can read of other HLHS patients and what they’ve been through. The verse in Hebrews came to my mind “Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.” Since that verse and since realizing what I was doing, I am much more at peace. I still have a sadness for what CJ is going through and what is to come, but I have my peace back that God gave me with this very song from the very beginning of our little guy’s life. I am sure it is due to everyone’s prayers and I thank you so much for them.

    Much, much love,

  2. Thanks for posting this and bringing it to our attention. I am praying. I saw an update on ETJ on June 28.
    Love & blessings in Christ-

  3. What a perfect song. I will certainly be praying for this precious little one. It’s so hard when our children are ill. As parents we would rather take it on ourselves and carry it for them. That’s just what the Father wants to do for them. God is limitless in His power and resources for this family’s need. May His glory be shone through C.J.’s life.


  4. Dear Jean,
    I think about C.J. and your whole family often and keep you all in my prayers. I’m going to get on my knees and pray for him and his parents! I’m inspired by your faith and it’s contagious!

    He hears us when we call and I’m calling on him tonight!
    Much love,
    Angie xoxo

    p.s. Annette, I LOVE the song and love your compassionate heart!

  5. My heart goes out to your friends, having 6 beautiful, precious, wonderful grandchildren of my own, this really makes my heart ache!!! Please know that they are all in my prayers, even now!!

  6. You all make me cry…..thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I visited with him today and he is not a happy little camper. He just never seems to feel really well. It truly breaks my heart.

    Annette, thank you so much for praying and for asking your friends to pray.

    Much Love to all of you.


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