Hello Dolly!

Update: We barely had rain here and dodged this storm well. Abby, the dog, got a trip to the ranch since we were working there today. She gets nervous (and is a bad dog, scratching doors, etc) with thunderstorms and I didn’t want to leave her in Houston. We only saw rain on the way home this evening so she was happy to be tucked away from the commotion. Corpus Christi was hit about 8 this morning. Thanks for all your concern and please continue to pray for the lives of those affected to return to normal and feel safe, with no further flooding. We’ll see a few more days of rain, but Dolly is almost history. Here was the radar picture at 7:40 this morning as Dolly hit Brownsville–almost a perfect eye as she hit shore at 100 m.p.h.

7:40 a.m. Doppler radar July 23, 2008

I just wanted to be the first of many to flash that headline, as I expected today’s paper to proclaim. Houston is preparing for the “dirty side” of the hurricane Dolly today, but this storm feels like old times. Since Katrina and Rita, everyone has been so worried and (growing up in Houston, I can say this) paranoid about the effects of impending storms. Bottled water, plywood, and gasoline become rare jewels even for this storm, but you don’t hear the talk like we have over every storm since those two Ladies hit our area a few years ago.

I went out this morning and took this picture a little before seven a.m. and am watching the news but fully expect it to be only a “gully washer” here in Houston. We’ve had storms that bring up to 17 inches of rain in a day here, and this one has a mere 4-5 inches expected, so I suspect we’ll all be okay and see another one through. So Louisville has its Derby days, (Hi, Karen) Beijing has its gold medals to win, and Houston has its storms.

Red sky at night, sailors’ delight. Red sky at morn, sailors be warned.

Stay safe and dry, everyone. I’ll try to bring you a few more pictures if the story unfolds as blogworthy!


8 thoughts on “Hello Dolly!

  1. So glad you fared well. We used to live in Houma, LA so we know what your preps are like. We are now in OK with the tornadoes! Don’t like either one. Oh… Heaven’s weather will always be perfect!!


  2. Hmmm… I’m hoping you haven’t floated away! I had never heard of a gully washer until I met you! In Michigan we get it all! 🙂
    Love you,
    Angie xoxo

  3. I thought of you when I finally turned on my t.v. this afternoon and saw that Dolly had made landfall…..those of us who live in the “hurricane zone” know what every side of a hurricane is like! I’m praying you only get your gully washer and no more.

  4. Prayed for you and yours as I sat at the car dealership waiting on the oil in my car to be changed. How I prayed for my husband;s cousin in Corpus Christi. Let us know that you are okay. Thanks for the pictures. Praying..

  5. I’ve already been praying for your “gully washer” this morning! Let me know if you need a raft or two. 🙂


  6. Don’t you think the phrase “dirty side” is just ridiculous…I still call it the wet side because I remember Sid Lasher saying wet side. Remember him, weather man on channel 11?

    Blessings to you this rainy day.

    Love, A2

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