never early

For some reason, perhaps the rain, everyone is sleeping in this morning. I even slipped past the dog, which had a rough night with the thunder, so she snores while I get up and make some strong coffee. We had a great day yesterday putting some things together at the ranch, but honestly, I am tired before we ever move out there. We’ve been at this project for three years, and it has been a lot of fun, but it also has caused a great deal of frustration. We tend to get all worked up over the details, and it will be fine if it only could be OVER soon. Three years ago, the first thing I bought for the house was a new (old) piano. It was, without a doubt, the most frivolous thing I ever have done. I decided the one tradition I wanted to carry over to the new home was beautiful music lifted up in the main room of the house. I have had to call the guy I bought it from several times to reassure him that I still want the piano. It’s paid for, for goodness sakes. YES, I STILL want it. I need a little patience where all of this is concerned. Dr James Messina seems to think patience can be learned. I recall that patience is one of fruits the Spirit, and I love that it is called long suffering in the King James version of Scripture. Those are words that you can wrap yourself around. Seriously though, I want to release situations better to His Hands that negotiate a far better path than any I could put together. I need to rest in the joy of stillness and His guiding Hand. Anyone else had a long journey you’d like to see wrap up? If we can just keep the music of prayer offered up, He will no doubt carry things out in a beautiful way in His timing. Jeannette Cliff George (actress in “The Hiding Place” and founder of the A.D. Players) has a wonderful quote, “God’s timing is perfect. He has never been late, but I rarely know Him to show up early.”


9 thoughts on “never early

  1. I’m browsing around a bit after visiting from the Bloggy Giveaways. Having a piano is one of the greatest desires of my heart ( I just posted about it, actually!) Good for you for carrying on the tradition of beautiful music in the house…there is nothing else like it! 🙂

  2. You have been MORE than patient! It will be SO worth the wait! God knows I need patience in so many areas of my life!
    Love you,
    Angie xoxo

    p.s. You make me want another cup of coffee. Wish we could enjoy a cup together!

  3. Oh I love Jeannette Cliff George!! Talk about an icon in Christian Theatre! Love the quote–absolutely perfect (of course).

    Much love,

  4. Amen Sister! His timing is perfect. It was wonderful listening to the rain for 2 mornings in a row. For once my dogs did not freak over the thunder and lightning or I was so tired I slept through their freak out. I hope to drink my coffee outside in the a.m. and watch humminbirgs chase each other before work.

    Love to you dear friend.


  5. A few years ago I was blessed to be the owner of a 1880 square grand piano. It is made of rosewood and according to my tuner, it looks to be all original. I hope you have many sweet hours making beautiful music on yours.

    In reference to the quote: I just wonder if our waiting on God (at least at times) is REALLY about Him waiting on us;) Nevertheless, His timing is always perfect — absolutely perfect!

  6. Annette,
    Oh yeah there is one thing in particular I would like to be wrapped up!! But I’m not in control–God is! I have to remember that. I too have not ever seen God show up early.
    Have a blessed day!

    Engrafted by His Grace–

  7. Annie-
    We have been struggling through lately what it is God would have us do to provide. We have been convicted strongly that we are to leave all things to him, to live in faith, but how do we do that, and survive in this world?

    That is what we have been struggling through- when we see the light at the end of the tunnel.. I will let you know.

    Your Siesta

  8. Annette, I really do like the last quote in your post. I agree with her heartily…I have found that so true in my life. “but Lord, where are you when I needed this and this” and When it does come…I then sae where I was not supposed to have it until He deemed so and it whatever it was…was right on time. His timing is perfect. Glad you are safe and all is well.

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