CJ -resting in Jesus’ Arms

The Myers still fully rely on God (FROG) Be blessed Abe and Dawn in your precious short time with your miracle baby. A wise woman I know once asked if it is still a gift if it is taken away too soon. The answer is, Yes, an even more precious gift because every minute of his sweet life was not taken for granted. We all have lived a little more aware of the sacredness of life because of this child. My dear friend, Jean, my heart breaks for your loss, but your faith, your sustaining trust has inspired more people than you may ever know this side of heaven. Him. I love you so. My tears are selfish as I know Clifford has the new heart like none could have given. He is healed and he is whole and he is in the Savior’s arms. I know you will say in the days to come, as Job did, “YET will I trust Him.” My deepest sympathy and love. Your Sister, Annette



Godspeed with all our love to Clifford.

August 17, 2008
from CJ’s parents

Our sincere thanks to all of you who have made our cherished son, Clifford, a part of your thoughts and prayers over his 14months. As many already know Clifford’s heart stopped on Thurs. night and was not able to be revived. He was hooked up to an ECMO machine which took over his heart function however the 50 min. he went without oxygenated blood flow resulted in brain bleeding and swelling. We learned yesterday when he would not wake up and had showed visible neurological damage that the affects were permanent and severe. Yesterday afternoon, in his daddy’s arms, and over our prayers and “I love you’s” we allowed Clifford to be removed from his life suport equip. and sang him into heaven. Godspeed with all our love Clifford, we will always remember your wonderful smile and laughter. Your family,

Dawn, Abe, Henry & Clara



13 thoughts on “CJ -resting in Jesus’ Arms

  1. “Jesus you’re all I need, You’re more than enough for me….” I just listened to the beautiful song, Annette. I will have to add it to I Have a Maker as my songs to listen to and pray for CJ.

    Shonda, thank you for your faithful prayers.

    Love, Jean

  2. He is a cutie pie! Thanks for leaving this update as I went to ETG first then here. I’ll keep pressing in prayer raising petitions for CJ. Lots of love to you!

  3. PS The picture Annette posted was taken 2 days ago in the hospital and it is the best and the happiest I have seen him look in his 13 months of life!!!! By the time that pic was taken, he had had 1 liter of fluid drained off his lungs, which made him feel much much better than he has in months! What a cutie!!!! Thank you God for this precious gift!!!

  4. Dear Sweet Praying Friends, thank you so much for your prayers today. They mean everything to me and to my family…they are more precious than silver or gold or the finest jewels. As far as the outcome, I only know that they did not find what the heart surgeon thought might be found. I don’t know what this means yet for the next step. We will have to see how he does when he goes home, but it is looking more and more like a heart transplant will be necessary. Unless our precious Lord intervenes and heals his present heart function, which He certainly can do.

    Thank you all dear precious sisters for praying….my heart is full because of your love for a stranger.

    Annette, you know I love you to pieces!

    Love, Jean

  5. I am honored to be praying for your sweet little C.J. He is getting so big and oh, so cute! He may be in surgery right this minute, so I will get on my knees NOW to pray for him and will do so until I hear differently!
    Much love and so many prayers go out to the entire family! You are such an inspiration to me and I thank you for the gift you have given me!
    Angie xoxo

    p.s. I know Annette is a beautiful woman of faith and I’m so glad she used this opportunity to ask us to pray. She’s an amazing friend!

  6. Praying for CJ, Jeen & family, doctors and hospital staff this morning. Love to you Jean! Thanks Annie for passing on the prayer request. Beautiful song!
    Engrafted by His Grace-

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